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    Default Resort Credits for Private Dinners?

    Has anyone used their resort credits for a private dinner on the island? I tried to book through the romance concierge and was told that the dinner was $240 but I had to pay $170 and could only use resort credits for the difference ($70). Is this a new policy? I thought the resort credits could be used for anything charged to the room excluding excursions and diving. We will have $300 in early booking credits and $200 Romance Rewards credits for our January trip. Can someone please clarify what they can be used for?

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    Hi Sue,

    I spoke with the Romance Concierge (Sharie Gordon, who is also the Customer Relations Manager) two days ago on the phone concerning scheduling private dinners at CSS and CN in January 2012. She told me that I could reseve the dinners, locations, times and menus now and the charges would be applied to the room reservation and that I could use my resort credits to pay for the entire cost of the dinners after I arrive at the resorts. I asked her if I needed to make a down payment now to reserve the locations and times and she said "No", that I could use my resort credits for the entire amount of the two dinners.

    Have a great time at CTI!!

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    On the web site it states that the dinner is 170.00. Did you get the wrong info. I am curious becuase my husband and I have alot of resort credits and had p;anned to do the same thing

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    Randymon - can you clarify?

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    Jamericajeanne: The private dinners on the beach are $170 but CTI is now offering private dinners on the island for $240

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    back in May we used our resort credits for a private dinner @ CSS, no problem whatsoever.

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