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    Can anyone tell us what level Yoga is offered at CSA? Thanks to all posters for your amazing info and help in planning our first visit to CSA!

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    It depends on the traveling fitpro for that week. To my knowledge they only have the "visiting" instructors there and no yoga pro onsite. You can always tell the instructor that you wish for more advanced options, if you feel that you are not challenged enough.

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    My experience in our 5 trips to CSA is that the yoga has been sub-standard.
    Spinning classes are great. Tennis instruction is fantastic. Personal training is the best! Yoga -- so-so at best.

    I found that bringing my own yoga mat and doing yoga on the beach in the morning by myself was the best option. I even had someone join me once.
    Hopefully, when you're there, you'll have better luck.
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    Vee - thanks for the update - we've done the yoga on the beach thing before and love the early morning peace and solitude. We'll probably do it that way this year... BTW - good luck with the NYC marathon!

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    The yoga will vary by the week (as will the other fitness classes) as there are guest instructors that visit the resort and teach each week: one for yoga/Pilates and one for spin and the other group fitness classes. So just like when you are taking class at home, you may prefer one instructor to another.

    I have taken excellent yoga classes at CSA, some very challenging. Yoga at the resort, like the other classes, will be an all-level class since it is at a resort and need to be accessible to everyone there. I do recommend checking it out.

    Hope this helps.

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