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    Default excursions from css

    We are trying to decide on which excursions to take from css/ ocho rios, as we always like to try to get out at least once. I know the Dunn's river falls is close and its included, but is it actually fun or do the vendors become too much to take? Also the wife is worried about slipping and falling on the climb, is it treacherous??

    Also has anybody been on the excursion to Bob Marley's 9 mile ?? I know its a little longer, which i dont mind, if its interesting and fun, but would hate to waste my day on it if its boring.

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    Dunn's River is definitely worth it. We have climbed it twice.It's a lot of fun. Make sure you get the video if you go. It is not treacherous but you do have to be careful. Just make sure as you take each step that your foot is secure before putting all your weight on it. Plus everyone holds hands. She'll have someone in front helping to pull her up and you will be behind pushing if needed. Make sure you have water shoes. You can rent them but we prefer having our own and not wearing something hundreds of others have been wearing. We have talked to people that have done the Bob Marley tour and loved it. We are going to CSS next April and are planning on taking that tour. Hope this helps.

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    Dunn's River is fun and very pretty. The vendor issues really only come into play for a couple minutes when you arrive and as they try to herd you through "the craft village" on your way out. It can be slippery, but you're with a group, and if you have water shoes and pay attention, I don't think there would be many issues. Treacherous is not a word I would use to describe it, so long as you stay on the "path" and don't go running up and down on your own. I'd recommend going, even if you decide not to climb. It's free and not terribly long (I think you leave around 9ish and are back around 12:30, in time for lunch).

    If you do go, here are my recommendations: Ask the front desk for days when there are no cruise ships in port, as this will greatly diminish the crowds. Try to buy water shoes ahead of time so as to avoid the hassle or extra expense of renting (very cheap at Wal-Mart or the like, maybe $5 to $10). When you leave, you may be able to duck out the entrance and avoid the "craft village" entirely, but otherwise just be firm and polite. Oh, and if you do bring any cash with you, make sure it's not in a pocket of shorts that become transparent when wet: That makes it quite difficult to claim that you have no money when some guy is trying to sell you something.

    We haven't done the Bob Marley tour, so I can't comment on that.

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    Default Dunn's river worth it

    Not sure about the nine mile but the included trip to dunn's river is definitely worth it.
    Go when the cruise ships are not in port, that way it will be much less busy.
    The climb can be strenuous in parts if your not able bodied, the rocks are not slippery at all and have almost a sandpaper texture, but you still must ensure sure footing when you step.
    I'd definitely recommend water shoes (bring you own-$5.00 at walmart) I used sandals and was just fine.
    Vendors werent really an issue, just acknowledge them say no thank you and carry on.
    Also did Mystic mtn. fun but pricey not really worth the money.
    Don't go shopping when the cruise ships are in, it's mayhem.
    And the shopping area at the port is touristy with prices to match.
    Have fun
    Loved CSS can't wait to go back, best of all couples resorts
    Ken and Karen

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    We did the trip to Nine Mile and truly enjoyed it! It was a long ride, but you got to see a part of Jamaica you wouldn't normally see if you just stayed at the resort and did the included excursions. We used a private driver, that we love. His vehicles aren't the fanciest but they are clean and you couldn't find a kinder, sweeter gentleman! If you would like his phone number, please email me and I will gladly give you his information. Here's my email:

    One Love,

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    Im waiting to see some answers too!


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    dunn's river is wonderful. I wasn't all that excited at first but once we got there I had a great time. The vendors are no worse then at your average US mall. It's not "unsafe" but it's not what you're accustomed to from a US prospective. you're actually climbing up a waterfall, there's some danger in it but it's nothing to worry about, just be sure of your footing and have water socks, you'll be fine.

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    Default Excursions

    Well, where to start. Mailers have already mentioned Dunns river and Nine Mile so I will leave them out. For a short trip try Firefly, Noel Cowards former home and lookout of Blackbeard, wonderful views and a not too far trip about 30 mins by taxi.

    For a great day out try visiting Frenchmans Cove just past Port Antonio, must be the best beach on the island and great walks around and very safe. A restaurant is on site which does great fish and local produce. the fare (which can be booked by CSS) is about 160$ for two a very good price fro a while day out - its not to be missed.

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