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    Default Office of Nature??

    I've read several chats referring to lobster at the Office of Nature....where is this? Is there a cost? And are there only certain times of the year when this is available? Just wondering...

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    that's pretty funny that we were both thinking of this at the same time!

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    Here is a prior post. They cannot catch any lobster out of season, which is from Apr 1 - Jun 30, but they can still serve the ones they already caught up to Apr 21st:

    You MUST go to the Office of Nature. When you're heading north up the beach from CN, it's not the first one with the fancy sign, but the 2nd one with blue tarps for a roof. It seems sketchy at first, but it's definitely not. Just walk up to the bar, tell em what you want, $15, $20, or $25 lobster, grab a beer and wait for your food. Last time, in Nov 2010, we asked for the $20 lobster, but I can't imagine it's much bigger than the $15 ones, I just didn't want to hassle with making change. They chop it in half, slather it with seasoned butter and grill to perfection. we hung out at the bar with Johnny B Goode, but all of the guys are really cool. They keep the lobsters alive in the sea and they feed them coconut and orange peels so the meat is even sweeter than usual. A very prissy early-30-something walked by and said "Do you really think that's safe?" and we just laughed at her. There is nothing safer than live lobster fresh out of the sea!
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    Yes, there is a cost. Its not on any of the Couples Resorts, fairly close to Couples Negril (a bit south, I believe). There is an island-wide moratorium on lobster fishing during their egg laying season (April, May, June???).

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