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    Default jogging from CSS to town

    I was thinking it might be enjoyable to jog from the CSS entrance to the town of Ocho Rios in the early morning, for a workout and to peek around before the town wakes up.

    I read somewhere it is 1.8 miles to Ocho Rios from the resort, is that about right? Also, does the road to Ocho Rios have sidewalks or shoulders, or would I be putting myself in peril from the traffic?

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    You would definitely be putting yourself in peril. No sidewalks, barely any shoulder. Mostly grasses and more often than not there are goats or other livestock tied nearby. However, if you go early in the morning, traffic might not be as bad. Check it out one morning and if it's bad, you can always turn back and hit the treadmill.
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    Agree with Amy on all counts!

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    I was wondering about this too. I see from the map that there is a "jogging track" around the pond. Can someone give us some more information on it? Length? Terrain? If it's not a good place to run, I may have to spend even more time on all those steps!

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    I posted this on another thread, but as it pertains to jogging at CSS, wanted to share this information with you here. My husband ran on the roads last year in Negril with no problem - in fact, the drivers were far more courteous than those here in the US. If you've ever run on the roads here, you'll know just how dangerous it is.

    If you travel off the resort, unlike the US where we hop into a car to drive 200yds, you will see many people walking on the roadside. Drivers expect this and are prepared. Should you be reckless and run when it's dark? Absolutely not. But I definitely wouldn't say don't do it. Just remember to be careful, keep your eyes and ears open.

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    Bob is an avid jogger and used the jogging trail around the pond every day during our visit to CSS in January. The trail is about 1/3 mile around the pond. It is in very good shape, and I believe it is either ashphalt or concrete. It is a very pretty jog where you can see the mountains, ocean, and all of the wildlife around the pond. Bob would often finish up his workout by running up the steps.

    I would advise against jogging into town. There are no sidewalks and minimal shoulders. It is not safe.

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    nguc - we've been to both CSA and CSS. While I agree with you that jogging in Negril WOULD be an option, I have to disagree about jogging on the roads near CSS. Robert Manley Boulevard runs past CSA and CN. It is a flat road in this area, with few twists and turns that would limit visibility. There is also a fair amount of space in the shoulder area.

    However, the road near CSS is hilly with some blind curves. The shoulder area is non-existent in places since the road is cut into the hillside. It is not so much the drivers, there are crazy drivers everywhere. It is that the road is narrow, windy and hilly with no shoulder or sidewalk.

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    Thanks Judy,
    The jogging trail sounds like it will work perfectly!

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    Thanks for all the tips. I think I'll forget jogging on that main road,and do a few circuits around the pond.(and up and down and up and down those infamous stairs)

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