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    Default HELP!! 19 days...

    We leave in 19 days for CTI. I am SO freakin excited.
    However, i need some help.
    We'd REALLY like to go swimming with the dolphins, and zip-lining. Has anyone ever been? How can i sign up? And is it worth missing scuba diving for??
    Any help/guidance before our trip is greatly appreciated.

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    You can do both while you are there. See guest services to point you to sign up. We went swimming with the dolphins in 2002 and it was amazing. When you look into their little black eyes, they're really in there and seeing you as well, with feeling. They now have different packages depending on how involved you want to be and how much money you want to spend.

    We did the Canopy thing (zip line rides) in 2007. You surely don't want to miss that! If I were typing from home, I'd put a picture on here. If you'd like to see one, let me know. I'll check back next time I'm MB from home. You get about 7 different zip line rides from various points ont he mountain. The safety measures are good and it's just a ton of fun.

    Be well and BE HAPPY!

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    We did the zipline tour the last time we were at CTI (back when it was COR), and we loved it. We will be doing it again when we get back in a couple of weeks. We signed up at the tour desk last time, and are planning to do the same this time. They had information on all of the available tours in the area--I am assuming the tour desk will still be there.
    Have fun!!

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