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    Default CN AN "Rule Breakers"

    Just returned from our trip to paradise..We spent a lot of time on the nude beach. A few observations. 1. While Amay was working the bar the service was great. On her days off, it was spotty. There would be long periods of time when it was unattended. 2. They have added a warming cabinet that houses patties starting at about 11:30. 3. There was a "creeper" wandering around through the area 3 different times, chatting with the bartender, being in the hot tub, etc. I finally told him to either lose his swimsuit or leave the area. 4. There were several couples where the female would either leave her suit on or her bottoms on. I did call guest relations and security did talk to them. 5. A wedding party's groomsmen, (dressed) were hanging out at the bar, pointing and talking. I asked security to have them move along and she replied, "Maybe they are just getting a drink" My point is, RULES ARE RULES.. If you don't want to be NUDE, don't be on the NUDE beach. It is NOT Clothing Optional. There are signs everywhere! I felt uncomfortable and felt bad for all the women on the beach that were napping or otherwise unaware of what was going on. I also feel that the hotel staff should do a better job of taking care of the "rule breakers". My husband had a good point, how would they feel if we walked over to the clothed beach/pool nude and just 'hung out'???

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    Default absolutely right

    Lucy, We agree. If they don't enforce the rules then the atmostphere is just not there. the 'carefree' AN environment becomes 'care-full'. Not good.

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    We had the same situation when we were at CN. I have read on this forum that they are very strict, but I did not find that to be the case at all. When we were at Sunset beach at Sans Souci, a guy in a kayak came up and just sat there and stared. I was in the water, and he just got closer and closer. I did not have my floatie this time, and he got so close that another guest ran into the water, and chased him away. I felt security should have dealt with him.

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    Default Wow

    Lucy I think this was unusual. The security people usually do a fantastic job of patrolling the A/N beach.
    As a matter of fact once when we came back from lunch we stopped to talk to a couple we knew for about 5 minutes and even though we had been there nude all morning security came over & told us to disrobe.
    Sometimes other employees come to talk to the bartender but they don't usually stay long.
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    I was there with you guys at the same time. The old guy was creepy and my wife (first time AN) was ever so grateful for you confronting the creepy old guy while I was at the bar. I also talked to the bartender (not Amay) and security about a couple who's female half refused to disrobe. They didn't say a word to her, so I finally did. Unfortunately, nothing changed. Also, the most disgusting...on our last full day (Thurs) a single male came over, disrobed, and starting hitting on my wife with a full erection!!!! He was friends with the tall, skinny male security guard. So when i raised it with him, he responded "He's OK". I'm in the process of writing a letter to Couples management for all of these issues.

    I have been AN many many times, and I never felt as uncomfortable at times as I did at CN. Lot's of single males hanging out, not everyone AN, and security did nothing. Probably the last time we go to CN for sure. Next time we'll try SSB or CTI if we even go back to Couples.

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    Hi Lucy!

    Maybe it's time to try CSS? Just a thought....

    Looking forward to meeting up with you guys again next year!
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    Wow. Some of this is way over the line. I must say it is different than what we've experienced. I think someone should be fired for allowing this to happen.

    So who has to clean up the mess after some guy with a hard on hits on my lady?

    I'd be very interested in hearing what Couples has to say about this.

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    These types of issues are the main reason we love CTI. If you haven't already, give it a try. We've never seen anything remotely similar to what your describing.

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    I don't think the guy in question was a Couples guest, but rather a friend of one of the security guards.

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    To lovnrumpunch, this is the reason why, unfortunately, CN will never be an option for us. I cannot feel comfortable with wandering to the ocean or the beach bar fully naked when others may be wandering around clothed or in swimming costumes. It is not about me (if I am naked I am clearly happy for others to see me naked) but about respect for others who prefer not to be faced with the naked parts of either sex. As you have experienced it will attract the salacious and the curious (nearly always men) and on occasions will cause uneasiness for either party. I believe that it is most appropriate to keep the au naturelle areas properly segregated from the textile side.

    'Respect' is often quoted here as a mode of living. I wholeheartedly agree but in this case it is a difficult call. Since the majority of CN AN'ers love it there I suspect that the answer is for the area to be more stringently policed by CN staff. Ogling is always puerile and is never acceptable.

    For what is's worth, I would very strongly recommend Sans Souci or even Tower Isle. Either will fit the bill for you (my preference is Sans Souci as it is more intimate and romantic - in my opinion).

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    Quote Originally Posted by gig99hc View Post
    I don't think the guy in question was a Couples guest, but rather a friend of one of the security guards.
    Surely that makes it even worse!!

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    I'm hoping that was just a minor "glitch" that week. Usually the security staff is very good about making people follow the rules or leave the area.

    As for a single male coming onto the AN beach without a female in sight, When we were at CN on our last trip my wife was at the spa and we arranged to meet at the AN beach when she was finished, for what ever reason her massage lasted longer than she thought, when I explained this to the security guard I was asked to leave until she was there with me so the other guests weren't uncomfortable with just me being there. No big deal, it wasn't a long wait.

    I'm with you though, the rules are there for the comfort of the guests wanting the AN experience or the 1st timer wanting to try it out.

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    I'm going to predict no response here from management and a closed thread. I hope I'm wrong and we get some reassurance about this issue from Couples. We'll see I guess!

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    Do the rules actually state that you must only be at the nude beach as a couple? That the two people in a couple have to arrive at the same time or leave at the same time? I have not seen that rule anywhere, although that does not mean the rule does not exist.
    As for reality, I saw no evidence of a rule like that at CN. During our trip there in July there were lots of people who at one time or another were 'single' on the beach. As for us, my wife was there every day while I played golf. Many afternoons I was there while she was busy with activities that interested her. I would hate to find out that we both have to leave every time one of us needs to leave for a while. Enforcement of a rule like that would probably keep me from vacationing there again. During our last stay couples were often at the nude beach '1/2 at a time' while the other half of the couple got massages, made hats, sought some A/C for a bit, made food runs, and it seemed not to bother any guests and not to bother security. Based on this I don't actually think that rule exists. But, I've been wrong before.

    Randymon? What is the rule as to couples being on the beach at separate times? Is there one?
    Thanks much!

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    Wow! And we thought the towel war rule breakers at other resorts was annoying...This type of behaviour takes the cake! Rule Breakers should show some maturity and respect and the Management should ensure that the rules are strictly enforced to ensure that everyone, whether on the textile side or AN side, has the romantic and drama free vacation that they deserve and paid for.

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    We believe that the nude areas of our resorts are social in nature and one should not be so strict that if, upon meeting both sides of the couple, one decides to have a spa treatment while the other lounges in the nude area.

    That said, it would be unwanted for one member of a couple to be solo all the time or if the female only goes topless.

    Again - this is a self policing area intended to be treated respectfully by all parties.

    Couples Resorts

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