Just returned from our trip to paradise..We spent a lot of time on the nude beach. A few observations. 1. While Amay was working the bar the service was great. On her days off, it was spotty. There would be long periods of time when it was unattended. 2. They have added a warming cabinet that houses patties starting at about 11:30. 3. There was a "creeper" wandering around through the area 3 different times, chatting with the bartender, being in the hot tub, etc. I finally told him to either lose his swimsuit or leave the area. 4. There were several couples where the female would either leave her suit on or her bottoms on. I did call guest relations and security did talk to them. 5. A wedding party's groomsmen, (dressed) were hanging out at the bar, pointing and talking. I asked security to have them move along and she replied, "Maybe they are just getting a drink" My point is, RULES ARE RULES.. If you don't want to be NUDE, don't be on the NUDE beach. It is NOT Clothing Optional. There are signs everywhere! I felt uncomfortable and felt bad for all the women on the beach that were napping or otherwise unaware of what was going on. I also feel that the hotel staff should do a better job of taking care of the "rule breakers". My husband had a good point, how would they feel if we walked over to the clothed beach/pool nude and just 'hung out'???