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    I "REALLY" hope the problem of "Rule Breakers" will be cleared up by the time my wife and I return home to CN in Jan. It isn`t very romantic to have people gawking at you and SO while you`re trying to relax and sunwhorship. We love CN. We have been to CSS and prefer CN because of the beach. Randymon, You seem like a pretty "Take Care of Business" guy. Possibly you could address this problem once and for all. Rules are Rules! I am a security guard. If I do not do my job, I am replaced/fired. The situation that happened with gig99hc could have escalated to real trouble if someone had a bad temper. As I stated before, we love CN and we don`t need things like "Rule Breakers" ruining our wonderful A/N experience at your beautiful resort. Thank you for your time.
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    The problem is we do not know all the facts. The group may have spent a lot of time at the beach, but they were single at the time.

    My wife and I go to CTI and we are solo on the Island from time to time. I golf, she goes to spa, and one of us wants to go to room to get something. No problem.

    If a single that the has never been to the island water sports does inform them the rules. If they know you, a single can go back and forth.
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