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Thread: CSS May 2010

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    Quote Originally Posted by MJ Boston View Post
    We will back to CSS May 27th-June 5th for our 4th time. We absolutely love it! It can't come soon enough.....
    Hi MJ Boston, We will be at CSS from May 29 to June 3. This will be our first time at CSS. We've been to CN for the last 2 yrs. and wanted to experience another part of the island. But we couldnt go to Jamaica and not go home to CN so on June 3 we are transferring over to CN to stay til June 8th. Hope to see you while at CSS>

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    Default css may 29th june 5th

    Hi, this will be our second visit to couples the first time being last february at swept away for my wifes 40th birthday, this time we will be at sans souci from the 29th may for my 40th, carnt wait, swept away blew us away, hoping for another magical holiday. Mark and Jo.

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    We are down to two weeks !

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    Packed and heading to Salt Lake City airport, we will be there in the morning!

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