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    Default Love to hear from any couples there in Feb

    Hi Planning our 2nd visist to CSS we loved SSB, would love to hear from any couples there in Feb

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    We will be there from Feb 26 to March 4th...

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    We will also be there in February (same days as busr25!). Looking forward to great times on SSB.

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    Hi Busr25 & Nels78,

    I am arranging the trip as a surprise for my wife we had such a great time the first time onn SSB, been planning on not telling her till we are at the airport !! hope i can keep my big mouth shut till then !!

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    My husband had reservations made, and the trip paid for, for about 5 months when he surprised me with the news of our 2nd trip!!!

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    I dont know if i could keep a secret that long ! i was thinking of booking before Christmas then suprising her on Christmas day :-) have you been before end of Feb ? is the weather good for going on SSB, we went May last time was a little rainy some days but we still braved it on SSB

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    Just been reading on another thread about getting the bar opened one night at SSB, if you have enough people up for it, that sounds like fun, we used the Hot tub a a few times at night last time we went great to round the evening off !

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    We were at CSS the last week of February this past year. The weather was beautiful, and the water was wonderful!! Only 130 more days till we get back there!!!

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    The bar at SSB is open for a party after the Gala and the beach party. Drinks, dancing and some late night skinny dipping in the pool/hottub

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    My husband and I will be there Feb. 21 to 28 for our 10th anniversary and first trip to Couples. Cannot wait!!

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    My husband and I will be there feb 29th - march 6th.....honeymoon!! lots of firsts for us....first trip to couples..first time to see the ocean...first time to try A/N. We are counting on all of the great sounding people who are veterans to make us feel comfortable and looking forward to making new friends.

    Tammy and Chris

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    Tammy & Chris, we get there on 2 March, so we'll buy you an anniversary drink!!! We're originally from Iowa (Huxley and Des Moines...I think you said you were from Iowa on another board.) Please say hello if you see us, we're hard to miss...I have white hair.

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    My wife and I will be there with 17 other couples from Feb 4th to Feb 11th.

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    Default Big Group Feb 4th-11th?


    You say there will be a group of 17+ couples coming that week. Is this a regular event? Just a little concerned about the atmosphere that can be created by certain take-over groups. We are certainly social when it comes to AN and the more the merrier! Our trip is Feb 1-Feb 7 so we'll have the party going when you get there.

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    No worries! Smoky is well behaved, social and a catalyst for fun. His wife and many of his friends are quite peaceful.

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    We will be there Feb 17th to 25th.

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    We will be there the 17th to the 21st...wish it were longer - from St. Louis!

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