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    Default Topless at CTI Beach

    Can my wife go topless on CTI beach

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    Not on the beach, but topless is allowed on the pier.

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    When we were there the answer was no. You can go topless only at the end of the pier.
    I believe that is still in effect.

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    Hi Irishman69, No, they do not allow women to go topless on the main beach at CTI. If my memory is accurate, they do allow it at the end of the pier and on the Tower Island were Au Naturel is a must!
    Have a great trip!

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    From the information the boards here and the resort information, topless is not allowed at CTI. The CN and CSA resorts allow topless at their beaches. The only clothing options at CTI are clothed at the beach and AN on the isle.

    Enjoy and Safe Travels!

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    not on the beach, only on the pier and of course all nude over at the island

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    Not that it matters, but when did that rule change? We honeymooned at COR in '95 and made 3 subsequent trips. There were always those that chose to go topless on the beach or around the pool. Just wondering if anyone knows when or why.
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    It is allowed at the beach area where the pier begins.

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    TOPLESS SUNBATHINGis allowed in designated beach areas:
    Couples Tower Isle: End of the pier off the main beach.
    Couples Negril: Main beach.
    Couples Swept Away: Main beach.
    Couples Sans Souci: Main beach

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    Thanks for all your responses so the environmentally friendly home grown assets may have to be covered up or a daily boat trip is required.

    At the pier can you avail of some drinks

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    Remember if you go over to the Island is full nude required, not just topless - so not just home grown assets but a Mighty Bush as well

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    She can most definitely sun the Home Grown assets on the beach area by the pier and also refresh them with a dip in the environmentally friendly ocean.

    Yes you can obtain drinks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ARealHighlander View Post
    Remember if you go over to the Island is full nude required, not just topless - so not just home grown assets but a Mighty Bush as well
    Bushes should be kept in the 80s. Lol....and nowadays those home growns are plastic surgeons work of art. LoL.

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    Trust me those home growns are not plastic work of art. They are hand reared and my work of art. I prefer to spend my money on couples holiday

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