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    Couples Negril Review
    9/19 - 9/26
    1st timers to CN and Jamaica, but will definitely not be our last!

    We went to Couples Negril for our 20th Anniversary and I wanted to try to write a review since we had such a wonderful time! It was absolutely the most amazing vacation ever!!

    However, it didn't actually start out that well, though that had nothing to do with the resort. Our flight was delayed. We were originally supposed to be in Montego Bay by 2:05, but missed our connection and had to be rerouted thru Miami, then didn't get to Mobay until 9:30. Talk about a long frustrating day. We arrived at the Couples lounge and were immediately greeted and offered a drink. We had originally scheduled a charter flight with TimAir, but they don't fly after dark, so we arranged for a private transfer.

    When we arrived at the resort, we were greeted (by Jevado, who was very nice and a real help our entire stay) with a cool cloth and champagne and immediately taken to our room. We had a beachfront suite, which was just beautiful! I wouldn't change anything about the room and the balcony was huge. However, we were originally on the 2nd floor overlooking the AN beach and unfortunately that's not exactly what I want to be looking at when I'm on my balcony or looking out my window, so we asked to be moved. We were able to move the next day and were moved to the 2nd floor of bldg 1, which is right next to the Heliconia and just off the beach. It was a great location. I think probably one of the best in the resort. We loved it! The maids were always very thorough and our mini bar was always stocked.

    We absolutely loved the food. We love seafood and it was definitely some of the best food we have ever eaten. Our favorite restaurant was Otaheite, then Lychee, then the Heliconia. We actually never ate at the Cassava Terrace for lunch or dinner. We checked the menus every night and just always preferred the other restaurants, plus the Cassava Terrace is a really large and open area and we just preferred the more intimate restaurants. We did eat at the Cassava Terrace for breakfast though (it's the only restaurant that serves breakfast). It was really good. We really liked all the food, especially the omelettes and we would have the omelette lady cook us some fried eggs. For lunch we usually ended up at the Heliconia, mostly because the Cassava Terrace didn't start serving lunch until 12:30 or 12:45. That's a little late for us. I definitely think they should serve lunch earlier. The Heliconia Grill had a pretty basic lunch menu (burgers, fries, sandwiches, etc.), but they also had serve yourself nachos, salad and meat pies, which were pretty good. We also discoverd Callaloo while we were in Jamaica, which is a local green, kind of like spinach but so much better. It was delicious and we pretty much ate it every meal. We also walked down the beach and visited the Office of Nature. What a treat! The Lobster was fabulous!! They slow cook the fresh lobster on the grill over pimento wood, then season with butter and local fruit juices and some sauteed onion. Then served with rice and a piece of toast. It was $20 for one lobster plate.

    There were lots of locals selling items on tables near the beach or walking up and down the beach. They're all pretty pushy, you just have to learn to say no. If you don't want to be bothered, don't sit in the front row of chairs on the beach.

    The beach and ocean was just breathtaking! Beautiful white sand and crystal clear turquoise water, looks like you should be able to drink it! A couple evenings we even saw some starfish in the water. I think they come in, in the late afternoons or evenings. We loved the floaties from the chairs, very convenient!

    The weather was amazing. Beautiful sunshine every morning, then a little thunder shower every afternoon lasting anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour or so. That would cool things down a bit, then usually the sun would come back out. It was perfect!

    The bars were great. We preferred the bar at the Cassava Terrace. We met a lot of great friends there and the bartenders were great. Tennyson made really good BBC's, yummy! The pool bar was really fun as well. The Piano bar wasn't really our style. We hung out in there for a few minutes a couple nights, but it was really too loud in there most times.

    The red flag service on the beach was almost non-existent. We never even placed an order, because we put the flag up twice but waited 15 minutes or more without anyone coming to take our order, plus we talked to other guests who actually did place an order, but it took so long to get their drinks that they got up and went to the bar to get their own. Which was actually fine, since you could walk 50 feet or less to two different bars.

    We liked the pool table in the game room. They also have popcorn in there, which was nice.

    The resort also has onsite Photographers, which was really cool. They were everywhere in the evenings asking if you wanted your picture taken. I saw them one time on the beach during the day. They were also on the Catamaran cruise. We also scheduled a time to do sunset pics on the beach one day. They came out just beautiful! Thank you Violet (our photographer). Of course, then you have to pay for them when you're done. It was pretty expensive, but I definitely think it was worth it. The pictures were really great. I added a few to our album, if anyone wants to take a look.

    We did the Catamaran cruise, which was alot of fun. The caves were really cool and the slide on the Catamaran was really cool! One thing to watch out for though, they don't always take the same Catamaran out. We went on Thursday, then booked again on Saturday. When we went outside on Saturday, it was a different Catamaran, smaller and no slide. So, we decided not to go again.

    We did the Dolphin Adventure where you get to swim with the dolphins. It was a lot of fun and a once in a lifetime experience (because I'll never pay that much to do it again). It was really expensive and I'm not sure it was really worth the money.

    We are certified divers (open water), but we hadn't been in 5 years so we had to have a refresher. The Dive Instructor was VERY thorough. I think we learned more from him than in our original certfication class. They also really pushed hard for us to get our advanced diver certification, which we had to explain to them that we only dive about once every 5 years, so really not worth it for us. We dove one day and it was fun, the visibility wasn't that great though. Then we were going to dive another day (the day before we were leaving, which is the last day you can dive). You can't dive the day of departure. We had told the Dive Leader on Friday that we wanted to dive on Sunday, but were told that we had to come back the next day to schedule it. So, we came back on Saturday at 3:20 (the dive shop is supposed to be open til 3:30), but no one was there. So, one of the guys at the watersports hut helped us and gave us a sheet of paper to put our names down for the afternoon dive. Then we show up the next day for our dive and no one is there again. Apparently the guy from the watersports hut put our name down on the wrong day and there were no other people on the schedule to dive that afternoon, so they had already docked the dive boat so wouldn't/couldn't take us out. That was our last chance to dive, so we didn't get to dive again. That was pretty disappointing. However, diving isn't one of our main objectives when we go on vacation. Mostly we just want to relax and soak in the sun, so it's not like it ruined our vacation.

    We were able to take the TimAir charter flight back to the airport and it was incredible. They flew us over the resort and then followed the coastline all the way to Montego Bay. It was soooo worth the money and I'll never do anything else if I can help it. Our pilot was Curtis and he was really great.

    All in all the entire trip was amazing and I can't wait to come back and do it again! I did lots and lots of research before we booked this trip, trying to find the perfect place. I had read lots of great reviews for Couples Negril, but there's always one or two bad ones in the bunch that you're not sure about. Let me tell you, don't worry about that one or two, this is the place to go! I just hope I don't have to wait another 5 years to go back home
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    Thanks for the great post.Have to wait until the end of February.

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    Thanks for sharing your trip! We will be heading to CN in May 2012. Reviews like this make it very hard to wait!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sherrie20 View Post
    ... Our pilot was Curtis and he was really great....
    Glad you had a great trip and thanks for the review - love reading them.

    We were there around the same time as you and were told that Curtis was in Dubai interviewing for a job there... guess he came back and we hope it works out well for him.

    Sorry to hear you didn't experience good red flag service. Amay (and later Jermaine then Omar) gave us great service. Maybe we were hogging up their time - sorry.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sherrie20 View Post
    ... did the Dolphin Adventure...It was a lot of fun and a once in a lifetime experience (because I'll never pay that much to do it again)
    That's hilarious. The Dolphin place is not our cup of tea but they do say it creates local jobs.

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    LOL about hogging the red flag service! Don't know what happened when we were on the beach, but as I said, it wasn't a big deal, since the bar was so close.

    And on the Dolphin adventure... It really WAS a once in a lifetime experience, meaning I am glad we did it and it was really great. But, like I said it was REALLY expensive (we got the most expensive package), and for the price, we just won't do it again.

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    Thanks for sharing. Glad you liked it as much as we did.

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    Good review, only 135 days till going home to CN.

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    Thanks for the review Sherrie20, it was a great one and cant wait to go our first time 12/16/12!!

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    Thanks for the great review. You gave me a great visual of CN. Our favorite is CSA and we haven't been to CN. The way you described the resort really makes me want to check the place out. Awesome.

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