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    Default How Crowded on Isle?

    My wife and I are planning a vacation at CTI January 2011 and look forward to visiting the isle. (AN will be a new experience for us.) How many couples are typically visiting the isle? Is it crowded? Vacant? Best time of the day to go to relax? To socialize?

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    The island is usually fairly busy that time of year. 20 or more Couples will likely be out there on most days. It will almost certainly never be vacant. Any time of day is good for both socializing and relaxing. The east side of the island (to the right of the tower as you exit the boat) is the quiter side. The pool area (to the left of the tower as you exit the boat) tends to be where the solialization takes place.

    We will be there from Jan 14th to the 23rd. Its a great time to visist CTI.
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    First timers need to go and put their stuff in the room as soon as you arrive then just go out to the isle. Just get it over with. It will ease your anxiety and fears. The longer you wait and look at the island the more your anxiety builds and you will start talking yourself out of going. Then before you leave you will be like screw it and go out to the island and you will be kicking yourself the whole plane ride home that you didn't get out there sooner.

    The past two times we have gone the mornings are typically less crowded than the afternoons. Rarely ever is the island vacant although we had it to ourselves two mornings last trip but the resort was only around 30% occupied.

    And everything JHound said I agree with 100%. Just enjoy it you and your spouse will enjoy the island.

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    Thanks, JamaicaHound. That all sounds exciting!

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    Thanks, Dustin_Megan. Great advice! We were planning on doing it first thing the morning after arrival for the same reason. We might just do a lazy tour of the resort the first day and wait for our luggage to arrive several eight hours later. ;-)

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