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    Default CN for our 30th Anniversary...Suggestions!!!

    Our first time in Jamaica. Anniversary 11/1/11. Staying at CN and I want this to be special. I would appreciate any tips or ideas that any of you have to offer.


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    Pool bar
    Catamaran cruise
    Try all the restaurants
    Lobster friday
    Beach party thursday
    Lay on the beach
    Float in the bay
    Try some of the included water sports, especially the scuba
    Tips only for the Cat cruise, Airport transfer, and Spa staff
    Don't bring too much cash... you won't need it! And don't bother with traveler's checks
    Internet cafe is quick and easy, if you don't want to bring your laptop
    Try a Bob Marley shot
    Blow dryers can be on the fritz sometimes
    Bring bug spray (for sand fleas at night)
    Liquor and some foods are cheapest at the airport on your way out
    Get to know the staff. They are all very cool people
    Don't forget about the AN, if that's your thing

    And most importantly, LEAVE YOUR WORRIES AT HOME!!!

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    Honestly - Just being at CN is special enough ..... We spent our 30th there last year & also our 27th before that & are getting ready to head back for trip #5 in December to make holiday memories. If you want to schedule a private dinner for your celebration you can do that for an extra cost .... we never have but it's an option that a lot of people enjoy. Just the relaxing surroundings make for a very romantic vacation ..... I didn't even want a gift for our anniversary .... Just going to CN with my best friend was more than enough .... Actually, the trip coming up for Christmas was what we got each other as our 31st anniversary gift (Anniversary is in September) as well as our Christmas gifts ..... Can't think of anything else I'd rather have.

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    Do the vow renewal. We did our 25th and acted like newlyweds. It was incredibly special. Congratulations.

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    We had a private dinner in the tree house for our 30th. Very special night.

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    We renewed our vows at CN for our 30th Anniversary. It was wonderful. They did a wonderful job. We had beautiful flowers, champaign, a cake and renewal certificate. We also hired the resort photographer who took amazing pictures. I look at that album frequently and we have an 8 x 10 of our favorite picture on our fireplace mantel. It was worth it and a day we'll never forget.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samantha View Post
    Do the vow renewal. We did our 25th and acted like newlyweds. It was incredibly special. Congratulations.
    I couldn't agree more!
    We also did the vow renewal at CN in the garden near the spa for our 25th and it is very special.

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    We will be there same time (coming in on Sun Oct 30) We did the vow renewal last year for our 30th alot of fun. Our two children were our witnesses for our vows. We also had a couple of friends that we met at Couples the year before that came for our anniversary all the way for England ( Hi Tony &Carol) So I hope you consider the renewal and we can cheer you on

    Larry & Carol

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    There's also the couples massage you can have in the beach hut or the tree house .....

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    Thanks for all the great suggestions, 1 week to go hope to meet you all when we get there.

    Jeff & Faith

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