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    Default Newbie here! Questions re: rooms at CSA

    My husband and I are planning a delayed honeymoon in April. A friend recommended CSA and as I have been looking into it, it seems like most people are very pleased with their stay. This will be my first tropical vacation. All my beach time has been on the Jersey Shore!!

    I'm not clear on the different rooms available at CSA. We definitely want to be on the beach. Do they have separate units on the beach? Or buildings with a few units in each? For some reason, I am not finding great pics of each room on the web site.

    What we want is a beautiful view of the ocean, a porch/veranda (with hammock preferably), and would love to be able to walk out of our place right onto the beach.

    Any advice on the rooms would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure I'll be posting questions about various other aspects as we firm up our plans.

    Many thanks!

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    Sounds like the Beachfront Veranda Suite or Beachfront Suite would work best for you. They are closest to the ocean, have large verandas, and are right on the beach. Beachfront Suites are a little older, have a classic Caribbean vibe, and do not have a TV. The Beachfront Veranda Suites are a little newer and have TV's.
    We've reserved a Beachfront Suite for our next trip. I'll be on that awesome veranda in 30 days!!!

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    Default As man will say

    You can't be guaranteed a room you want (on the each to walk out) , but you reserve on a block of beach front verandahs for instance and then hopefully a room on the bottom floor will be available at check in at the resort.

    We were that fortunate and it was an unforgettable experience.

    Good luck and safe travels!

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    We have always stayed in the Gardenview Verandah suites each time at CSA in the newer section and really enjoy the rooms, they have everything we need with a king bed, great patio, tv and full bar. They are small buildings with 4 to 6 units in them. I don't really spend too much extra on rooms since we are hardly in the room so it doesn't make a difference to us but I do believe the rooms you want are either the Atrium suites which can be close or facing the beach and have the hammock but no TV or the Beachfront suite or verandah suite...those would be facing the beach with a good view.

    Enjoy no matter what you decide on...CSA is amazing, you will have a fabulous time!

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    We stay in the Beachfront Verandah Suite Room Category...they are right on the beach and have porch/balcony. No hammock.

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    All the information posted has been very helpful. Thank you! It is going to be a difficult decision as to which room we should actually choose! It is wonderful to hear everyone say it doesn't matter which room we end up in, because CSA is so amazing :-) I'll be lurking around here for awhile.....


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    We usually stay in the beachfront verandah suite rooms at CSA. In my opinion, you can't get any closer to the beach for the price in the Caribbean! You are steps to the beach. The BFVS rooms are in building blocks of 16 rooms - 3 floors of four rooms. These rooms are all the same (except for the corner rooms, which have large glass windows on the outside wall over the bed). These rooms have large flat screen TVs and a shower/tub combo.

    The beachfront suite rooms are in smaller building blocks and are only 3 or 4 units per building. These rooms can vary quite a bit depending on whether you are on the first or second floor (the 2nd floor rooms have vaulted ceilings), and the balconies also vary greatly. The BFS do not have TVs nor bathtubs.

    The atriums are the only room category that have hammocks on the balcony. Some of the atrium rooms are located fairly close to the beach, but others are set farther back and do not have an ocean view.

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    We stay in the beach front suites on the older side of the resort and we LOVE them. They are as close to the beach as your going to get and the porch/verandas in the beach front suites are a nice size. The only ones with a hammock are the Atrium suits, those are really nice do, we stayed in one last year but they are not on the beach, so we preferred the beach front suits because we like the location, the sound of the ocean at night, and the way they are set up with 4 in a building so it gives it more of a tropical bungalow feel. The pictures on the website are really accurate as what they look like. I wish I had some good pictures to send you but I dont take too many pictures of the room. But TA might have some pics of the room from reviewers.

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    The BFVS do have built-in couch and a table and chair on the patio/balcony which I prefer over a hammock. As do all the rooms in the newer section, OVS and GVS. The rooms are all the same size and layout which is not the case of rooms in the original sections such as BFS and Atrium suite.

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    BVS all the way! Those were the things we asked for also and it was absolutely perfect. Loved opening the doors in the morning and hearing the waves crashing as we were laying in bed drinking some Blue Mountain coffee!

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    I wanted that kind of room also for when we went. However, we booked a garden veranda and was super pleased! There was more privacy for us. Up by the beach you always have people walking past your room, and there is more noise up front when it comes to them cleaning etc. We did hear a little traffic, but the noise of the night drowns it out. I would stay there even if i didnt have a room!

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    Quote Originally Posted by overcome View Post
    . . . .For some reason, I am not finding great pics of each room on the web site . . . .
    Click on the tab for Swept Away above, then click on the Map & 360-degree View link on the left. When the link opens, click on any room or amenity that you want to see, and a 350-degree photo will upload.
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