TEAM CSA 2012 will be 7 years old next April. I am guessing that most of you reading this thread have heard of us by now. We are different than any other thread because our purpose is not only to meet new friends and have fun talking here while we wait to "go home" again, we also care and try to make a difference by making donations to the ISSA foundation to help the poor children of Jamaica. We have been donating now for 6 years and our grand total, that I am aware of is, $5,610.00. This is something I am very proud of and again thank all of you for your past support.

When you get done reading this thread, I ask that you do 2 things. First, check out the ISSA Trust Foundation. www.issatrustfoundation.com. See what they do. They are a great charity. Second, go get a jar (hopefully a big one) and start putting some change into it every day. April 2012 is 6 months away now. If you put 1 quarter a day in that jar, you will be able to donate around $45.00 to ISSA on or around April 1, 2012. I don't believe that is too much to ask of anyone. If you have booked your trip or are going to book it, you certainly can afford 25 cents a day.

I ask that when you donate to ISSA that you e-mail me a scan of that donations so I can keep track of the $$$. In years past, Dorothy and I have made shirts and hats and charged for them donating all the money to ISSA. We will again do something special for TEAM CSA 2012 but we do not want you to send us the checks anymore. If you donate directly to ISSA, send us a copy, we will send you a special thank you and you will have a record for your taxes for April 15th. (A great day in my mind because I hope to be with many of you at CSA).

Also, I started this new thread because I was looking at the old one to start a spread sheet and it soon became very difficult because of the lack of info. So let the old thread die away and start posting here. Give me your names, where you are from, what dates in April 2012 you will be at CSA and how many times you have been there. Post or re post a photo if you wish. From looking over the other thread, it looks there looks to be a fair number on 1st timers already booked. If this is your first time going to CSA, start saving your money for 2013 because you will be going back. If what I stated above is all new to you, go and visit the TEAM CSA 2011 thread. It is on page 2 below about 10 threads down.

More to come.

Counting the days,

Tom and Dorothy