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    FINALLY down too single digits!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karon View Post
    Hi Dorothy and Tom,
    Made our donation today. I put Team CSA April 2012 in the comments. The receipt number is 2895.7153.4290.9485.
    We'll be there on the 9th after 5 days at CN. Can't believe we'll be landing in Jamaica in 48 hrs. I am so ready for this.

    Please send me the recipt at

    The children of Jamaica thank you


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    Doing the single digit dance.finally
    7 days 19 hours 02 min 20 sec
    but who is really counting, 9 days in paradise with no worries

    except for kicking butt in the horseshoe tournament on the 16th

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    Just 2 more sleeps till we return home to CSA. Everyone have a wonderful Easter and we will see you soon!!!

    Chris & Paul

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    Woo Hoo!

    12 days until we get to see our friends at CSA and only 8 days till we land at MoBay and go to CSS for the first time!

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    Well Team CSA...

    It's here!!!

    For those of you are already there enjoying CSA's beautiful beach....
    Watching gorgeous sunsets with your loved one....
    And some maybe having a Bob Marley shot for the first time

    Kevin and I will see you in 5 days,7hrs,40 min.

    Soon Come!

    P.S. To All of you first are in for a treat of a lifetime!!!! Enjoy.
    Kim and Kevin
    Trip #13

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    Just back from a great week at CSA. I hope all of you there now, and soon to go, have as great a time as we did!

    Barb and Aaron

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    Tom and Dorothy,

    Sent an email to you at your with a copy of our receipt and donation info.


    Jay ans Cynthia

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomdorothy View Post

    I remember your group well only because I was amazed at how 4 below average guys could land such beautiful ladies.

    Craig and Michele, I am always concerned that folks reading this thread may think we are a bunch of drunks. That is so far from the truth. ( except maybe for Paul ), Many of us have been getting together for 5 to 8 years now. We have become great friends and we laugh a lot.

    Jay and Cynthia, I will add your info to the spread sheet. We live in Wisconsin but I just bought a home in Lake Havasu City, Az.

    Remember the ISSA Foundation.

    Counting the days



    I emailed our receipt to your charter email address.


    J n C

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    11 hours until we leave for the airport!!!!

    First stop CSS....will see all of you on the 19th!

    Tracy & Len

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    Only 5 more wake-ups and then we are on our way to CSA!
    It has been such a long wait and we are both thrilled be going for the first time.
    How is the weather right now?
    Any last minute tips on what to bring?
    Thanks and cant wait to meet some of the great people who have already helped us prepare for our trip.

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    I want to thank all the teams that participated in the Charity Horseshoe tournament with a special congrats to Tim and Mike from Maryland for winning. This tournament provided an additional $350.00 to the ISSA Foundation for the kids.
    I think everyone had a good time for a worthwhile cause


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    Can't wait to hear the final total! Tom??

    Drum roll please....

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    This was at CSA the week of April 15th

    Name:  IMG_0501.jpg
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    April 16th CSA

    Name:  IMG_0515.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by Goalieman View Post
    This was at CSA the week of April 15th

    Name:  IMG_0501.jpg
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    Thanks for posting theses pictures, Randy and Chris, this is my wife, Leslie riding "Prince"
    Hope you had a great time!! Brian

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    I was hoping you would see these. If you want me to email them to you let me know.

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