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    Default Romance Rewards for 1st timers staying 10 nights?

    I signed up for Romance Rewards after booking our 1st trip to CSS in Dec '12! When would our young Love rewards show up in our account? We booked with a tour company in August - does it take longer than if you book directly with Couples? Should I just keep checking back? Thanks!

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    It takes a few weeks after your stay for the verification to go through. This would only apply to your next trip, if its in the next 4 years.

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    You don't actually get nights credited till after you've stayed - I would expect to see them in January of 13.

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    You won't be eligible for any rewards apart from Trading Places. The rewards are done retrospectively. On your second visit you will receive the Young Love rewards.

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    It won't show up until approximately two weeks after your stay in December in 2012.
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    If this is your first trip you dont get credit for stay untill after you've stayed at resort. If you have stayed before and credits arent showing up send them an email with your romace number and when you stayed and they will take care of it for you.

    If this is your first trip you can do a trading places day.

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    if you are not going for your first time until Dec 2012, then those nites will not show up on your account until AFTER you have stayed that time.... about a month after your stay then those nites will show up in your account and you are then at that level for your NEXT trip.

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    Your rewards show up after your trip.

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