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    Default Online flight check-in

    Last year, I remember we could not check-in online for our flight back from Jamaica (unfortunately it didn't work as an excuse to stay longer )

    I understand that Delta allows this from only certain coutries, but, haven't been able to get any information from them to see if Jamaica is one of them.

    Has anyone successfully checked-in for their Delta flight back to the US online?


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    Seems to me that the longest wait in MBJ on the way out is the security/baggage check. Checking in with the airline was always pretty quick.

    Now if you could find a way to have your bags inspected and pass security from your room at Couples, that would be a time saver indeed.

    Hope it all works out for you anyway.

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    Yes. I checked in on-line, both from the states and Negril.

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    We used Delta in July with the online check in and printed our boarding passes. It was great going down, saved a lot of time. Coming back, they just redid all the paper work, did not save anytime leaving.
    Irie Mon

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