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    hi all
    I have just spent 2 weeks at CSA, while I was there all I drank during the day was bizarre bananas, they were absolutely tasty could not get enough of them , I took a photo of the ingredients so I could try them at home, but I do not know what simple syrup is or where to get it from, please could someone tell me where to get it from, I live in England so not sure if they sell it here......Tracy

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    You should be able to get simple syrup at your local alcohol purveyor, although here in the States, I've occasionally found it in the baking supplies area of our local market. It is usually boiled and reduced sugar syrup, I believe.

    Our home bar is currently supplied with Collins Bar Syrup. I'd suggest asking at your local liquor outlet. They should be able to help... ask for simple syrup, or bar syrup.

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    never heard of a bizarre banana....

    dirty banana yes, (love them), so maybe it's a spin on them?


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    Hi Tracy,
    Simple syrup is something you can make yourself. I believe you take equal parts of of water and sugar, put it in a pan on the stove and simmer until the sugar dissolves and then let cool and you are good to go. Any bar experts out there?

    Good luck,

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    Simple Syrup is an easy-to-make, home made ingredient. Simply make a solution of equal parts granulated sugar and water by heating them until the sugar is completely dissolved. Let the solution cool and you have simple syrup! Enjoy!

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    Hi all
    Thanks for the response, I will try my local shop before trying to make it my self, bizarre banana is an non alcoholic drink, very refreshing, I used to drink about 5-7 of them a day, I would get one from one beach bar and by the time I got to the next beach bar I would get another one....... Tracy
    Ps that was my last trip to couples for quite a few years as it's expensive when you live in the uk, but any donations will do nicely xx

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    OOOHHH! WHat is the Bizarre Banana? We LOVE the dirty bananas but never heard of those.. PLEASE SHARE! lol

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    from the Palms:

    Name:  bizarrebanana.jpg
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    it's all about the kids

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    Hi Kipper - hope you enjoyed CSA??

    There are alot of articles on the web on how to make simple syrup:

    As its sugar based you could try experimenting with any type of syrup as its included to make the drink sweet. This UK site has lots of different flavours:

    This one actually has a "sugar cane" flavour which might be close??

    Let us all know how you get on!!


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    do you know the recipe? I can see what they put in it but how much of each?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sue and Randy View Post
    from the Palms:

    Name:  bizarrebanana.jpg
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    That sounds DECLICIOUS! Is the Dirty Banana the frozen version of that, because it seems like it would be similar ingredients.

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    Hi fulgurites
    I do not know the measurements to this recipe to be honest I am not sure the staff o as I think they just guess it.....
    Hi hezza
    Thanks for the links I will check it out x

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