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    Default Transportation from Negril airport to CSA

    I apologize as I am sure this has been asked a million times but I cannot find a previously thread.

    If we take TimAir from Montego Bay to Negril, what is the best way to get to CSA? I thought I read somewhere that you can call the resort to come get you or take a taxi. How much is a taxi?


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    We have taken TimAir the past few years to Negril. Both times we just took one of the waiting cabs to CSA. You can call CSA, and they will send a van over. In 2010, the cab fare was $8; this January, he wanted $12. I guess he figured the economy had improved enough to charge more! Ironically, it was the same cab driver that we had last year. I figured I just spent $200 on TimAir, I might as well hop in the waiting cab and pay the small price.

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    You are correct, either have the office at the airport call CSA to have transportation come get you or for $10 you can take a cab. The cab will already be there waiting for you. We just take the cab, it just seems a lot easier and it is already waiting for us.
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    I'd grab a cab, which will be standing nearby, to be sure... or arrange ahead for one. We did what you were thinking once... and it took a while for the courtesy van to get there.

    Flag a cab, get a price (should only be a few bucks for the 1-1/2 miles to SweptAway) and tip the driver generously for helping to speed your way to paradise.

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    How much time should I allow to get through immigration at MBJ to TimAir or Airlink??

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    That really kind of depends on incoming at MBJ. We've stood in line for over an hour, and come in when there was no line at all. If you're flight is arriving at MBJ anytime from noon till about 3:30, especially on a Saturday, you'll be in line about an hour at Immigration, and another 10-15 at Customs.

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