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Thread: CSS Catamaran?

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    Default CSS Catamaran?

    Does Sans Souci have a catamaran cruise, like Negril does?

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    No it's too dangerous with the reef out front. They do offer a sunset cruise that costs extra on a different kind of boat. ( not sure what kind) inquire at the watersports hut. Have a great trip!

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    No, only CTI does. Because of the reef at the mouth of the little bay at CSS, the boat can't get close.

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    Softail - the sunset cruise that the watersports guys offer at CSS is on a small sailboat (like one of the Hobie Cats). One of our friends did this sunset cruise when we were there 2 years ago. At that time, it was $100 and included champagne. What was nice is that it was just the couple and the captain.

    But it is true that they cannot bring a large catamaran close enough to shore for boarding at CSS because of the reef. The concierge can arrange for a cat cruise if you have you heart set on one. That is the beauty of Couples - each resort is different and offers slightly different amenities.

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    it would be neat if they ran another boat out to where the cat could drop anchor so we could do the cat cruise at css

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    Yes Cigarmanpa, I agreet, that would be perfect.

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