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    Well it works OK on my Asus Transformer tablet. I do miss being able to hit the "settings" link and see the state of my threads. I'd bet that's a limitation of the forum software, though...

    Otherwise seems to work OK.


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    HTC EVO.. and its working GREAT!!! You'll be sorry because I'll be here more often now... lol

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    Working great on my Droid Bionic for first post. 27 days to go!

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    Just turned on my phone to test it, so excited!

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    I've poked around more and posted a few times. My only question... Is there a way to post pictures via phone?

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    iPhone 4 is working great!! Love it!!

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    Working well from my 3G IPhone which I take everywhere so now Couples will always be close to
    Me! Thanks!

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    LOVE THIS! It gives me something to do during rush hour traffic when the 95/495 out of DC is a parking lot! lol

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    Looks great on iPhone 4 on Telus network in Nova Scotia

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    Oh great....what am I going to say to the nice officer now at the scene of the wreck? Well sir I was repling to the "Jean shorts for guys thread" and I didn't see the stop sign! Love that we have it Randymon, but sure giving us another way to get to the message board was a smart idea. You know how we are....LOL

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    Works Great on my Droid2. Thanks Randymon!!!!!

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    iphone 4 here, latest firmwear installed

    looks very slick, but i'm finding it difficult to navigate without page flailings... need a back functionality on a thread view without using the browsers which sometimes causes a page to hang on my phone... once a page hangs i need to kill the instance to get it to reload properly...

    also in thread view i'd like to see the post summary (posts/views) before the month name (or maybe use short forms of month names).. maybe it's just the dysfunctional way i follow threads, but with the delay in postings, i often view how many times a post has been viewed before i jump in... no sense answering an easy question that you know will be answered 30x over by the time you post

    like the page refreshes when they're working properly, looks pretty...

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    It worked very well from my I'm going to spend more time on the MB than before!

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    Also having great luck with BlackBerry Torch 9800. Haven't been anywhere but mb yet.

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    I have had no problems and love it!

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