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    Default Honeymoon - where to stay

    We have one week for our honeymoon and have a serious question:

    7 nights at CN


    4 nights CN and 3 Nights CSS?

    Those are our favorites, so no question on changing the locations, but should we stay at one for awhile, or 2 for a couple days each? I know we're going to have a great time at each, but not sure which choice is best.


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    We would just pick one because the travel time between the two resorts is just to long for us. Not to mention having to repack your bags the night before to leave in the morning, and then unpack agian at a new resort.

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    7 days is too short for a split trip between Negril and OR. CN all the way!

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    Hi NewlyWeds,
    My opinion is to just go to CN or CSS for such a short stay. This way you can establish yourselves and really get into the Jamacian vibe of losing track of time and enjoying eachother to the fullest. If you split it up you'll just be getting comfortable, then have to pack and travel 3 hours to the other resort. Then get comfortable at the new resort all over again. Unless you take great enjoyment of being on the move it's not my idea of spending quality time on Jamaica, especially on your honeymoon. Whatever you decide I know you two will have a wonderful time in Paradise!

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    I knew it was a 3ish hour trip, but I did forget about packing. I really like the idea of only 1 spot now.

    Follow up question - the switch is at CSA, is there a good or bad day to go? Basically do they have something special going on one night when CN doesn't?


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    The Trading Spaces program only lets you go to CSA during the day. You can go to CSA on M,W, or F. You should try to go early in the week because if the weather is bad on your day, you can possibly go another day that week. I have heard CSS is super romantic, but I know the beaches in Negril are the best you will find in Jamaica. Good luck deciding, but for sure just pick one resort for the 7 days. There is so much to do and experience that you will love settling in and doing all you can at one resort. Congrats and have fun!

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    Not sure about CN, but SweptAway has their Beach Party on Friday night...

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Officially booked... June 11-18, 2012 @ CN.

    Now for the whole plan the wedding part that allows us to take the honeymoon...

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    Congrats NewlyWeds2012 and enjoy the wedding planning!!

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