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    Default How Does Romance Rewards Work


    My wife and I are going to CTI for 6 nights moving onto another location (Not Couples) for 7 nights and then returning to CTI for 1 more night.

    How does the Romance Rewards be applicable to us

    PS only 21 days to my first ever visit to Couples and its our honeymoon

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    You will be Repeaters at the Young Love level for the one day, so you will get the resort credit, and, depending on the night, invitation to the Repeaters Dinner, but that's not even the issue. Why are you moving to another resort, and then coming back to Couples for one night? Sounds like a hassle, and, sailor's warning... You won't want to leave at all!!!

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    I'm thinking that, assuming you sign up for the Romance Rewards program, your first 6 nights counts, while your last single night does not. Someone at CTI should be able to help you with that while you're there, but I'd recommend that you sign up for the program now (before your honeymoon). There's no cost, and it can do no harm to be armed with the membership.

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    Congratulations!! Follow the link to learn about romance rewards

    Enjoy your time in PARADISE!!
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    Hmmm, I thought you had to stay 3 nights at Couples. I realize that you are staying a few nights before, but usually they would book you as two separate bookings and the second booking would require 3 nights. Anyway...your second stay should be counted as a return stay, but not sure what all you would get since you are only staying one night. I would suggest checking with the front desk when you arrive and asking them.
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    Actually, your nights will be counted toward your next stay. It takes roughly two weeks for our staff to verify your say and update/add the nights to your account.

    Couples Resorts

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    Thanks everyone for your response. Our second week is on a cruise around the caribbean. Somehow I think I will enjoy CTI and not want to go on cruise

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