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    Default AN Beaches CSs and CN

    Are guest rooms at CSS and CN located at AN beaches so one can be AN all day? It is so nice to leave the room and go to beach without the worry of clothes or swimsuit. Makes the beach bag much lighter. We prefer it that way. Have been going to Breezes Negril and welcome a comments about comparisons to Couples.

    Also desire to know which resort has longest AN beach and best opportunities for shade to avoid sunburn.

    Thanks to all for responses.

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    At CN you cannot leave your room A/N and walk to the A/N beach as you will have to pass through the clothed area.

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    same goes for css
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    Ditto at CSS.

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    The AN beach at CSS has some Papalas for shade and one giant tree. There is lots of opportunity for shade.

    The AN beach at CN has sea grape trees that are good for shade although they can be rather busy.

    At CSS, you also have the option of sitting by the pool under an umbrella.

    Neither of the resorts have the option of walking to the beach without any clothes. I have seen some people walk to the beaches with just cover ups on.
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    There is plenty of shade at CN. Not much beach to walk but you can walk out into water nude and there is a raft in front of nude beach to use. There is also a hot tube at nude beach at CN.

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    For that matter there are no rooms near SSB at CSS. You need to walk the trail to SSB from the main area of the resort.

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