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    Default 25th anniversary trip

    After 25 years we finally get to take a real vacation. We're newbies to all of this, and this MB has given us a lot of help, Thanks to all. We will be there Jan. 14 to Jan. 23. 2012. I have a few questions though,
    1 - Are there a lot of bugs and mosquitos in Jan?
    2 - I read that you need to spray becasuse if you walk the beach at night you can get bit by sand fleas, Is this a problem?
    3 - How late is the bar and grill open at SSB and if it is closed at night is there still ice available?
    4 - How warm is the ocean and pool in Jan, and are the nights warm?
    5 - I read that some one got stung by jelly fish at night, while swiming. Is it a good idea to stay out of the ocean at night , or can you go walking in the water
    6 - Are there a lot of people at SSB after 10 pm, we're new to the AN thing and not sure we have the self confidence to do it. It seems it would be easier to go over after 10 and check it out. Maybe there are spots that are more private that we can get used to the idea. We'll see if we can get the courage to try it.
    7 - Are there other day trips, like zip line and river rafting that CSS can arrange?

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    Read through the 'feedback after your vacation' thread (a little down from here) and you will find all the comfort you need about going AN. It was our first time last year and we are hanging out to get back there (not literally hanging out - we have some decorum here in UK!!) No worries Mon!!

    Cant answer your other questions as I have not been to CSS in February. Good luck anyway and be prepared to fall in love with CSS and SSB!

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    Brenda and Jerry,

    Hubby and I just celebrated our 25th anniversay at CSS in Aug and it was amazing!!! It was also our first time AN, but we spent our days on SSB. Trust me when I say that there is nothing to be self conscious about, no one is judging you, alot of them probably went through the same thought process you are going through. There are all shapes and sizes and ages. We met some wonderful people we now call friends and look forward to seeing them on future trips home. Try it, you might like it and if you don't no one has to know.

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    We were at CSS the last week of Feb 2011
    1. Bugs - my wife and I had a few bites, I think were sand fleas. We didn't use bug spray and only had perhaps 6 bites for the week total. No mosquitos that we noticed
    2.We didn't walk the beach at night. There seemed to be other things to do. We did go to the SSB pool at night a few times. We are mid 50 and tired by midnight.
    3. The bar and grill at SSB close at 5PM, but they did have a disco party one night and the bar was open then.
    4. There is a stream that empties to the ocean right at the SBB beach. The water is cool, but not cold. Only take a few minutes to get accustomed to it The textile beach is water is warm. The nights might get down to low 70s. My wife would have a jacket. I would have another drink
    5. We didn't try a night swim - just never got around to it.
    6. There may be a few at CSS after 10PM or ir could be vacant. I would sugest getting there before 9:30AM and go to the right away from the pool. There are enough trees that it will be private. It was a first for my wife. Second time for me, as we had been at St. Marteen in 2010. On the right, away from the pool no one will notice you. Then you can go to the pool when you feel brave. The first day my wife stayed to the right for a couple hours and I went back and forth to the pool bar for drinks. It really is about being AN and not about seeing everyone else. I don't mean to insult anyone but there were not too many models amongst us.
    7. We didn't do zip line this time, but it was our fourth time in Ocho Rios and I did the zip line 2 of those times. It is a blast and yes you can book it at the hotel front desk.
    We are going to Negril this winter, but if it were up to me we would be going back to CSS. It was about the best vacation of my life.

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    I'd like to respond to a couple of your questions. For #6, after 10pm on the nights that there are after-parties, Tuesday after the Beach Party and Friday after the Starlight Gala, the pool at SSB becomes a dance party under the stars, so you wouldn't be able to do AN those evenings. We have met quite a few folks who other nights go down and enjoy the hot tub near the pool at SSB.

    As for question #1, the bugs love me, so I would wear bug spray during the day and during the evening. I also would use Avon's Skin so Soft, and it worked well too and smelled wonderful! Much better than the bug spray according to my husband!

    Have a wonderful trip!

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