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    Default single occupancy at Swept Away?

    Does anyone know if Swept Away will allow singles or it it Couples Only now?

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    I thought all Couples resorts were couples only. The exception being for a wedding, but even then I thought it was limited numbers and based on availability.

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    From the Couples Faq

    Does Couples Resorts accept singles?

    All rooms must be double occupancy unless traveling as part of a contracted group. In such event, single occupancy rooms are very limited and must be approved at the time of the booking.

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    All Couples are double occupancy unless you get permission for a wedding, and then I believe that you still have to pay the double price??

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    When Swept Away opened it was "Swept Away," not "Couples Swept Away," and it was an adults-only resort. Subsequently, however, the resort was rebranded as Couples Swept Away, and a couples-only policy was implemented (with the exception, as some have mentioned, for a few single wedding guests).
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    It's called "COUPLES" for a reason

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    [QUOTE=KellyNEddie;13261]It's called "COUPLES" for a reason[/QUOTE
    LOL never over estimate the power of the obvious

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