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    Default The camera....doh

    So we did our Secret Rendezvous at CTI. By our last day we had managed to take a total of 3 pictures so we had to go to the photo shop and buy some. We just couldn't manage to remember the darned thing and when we did the battery was dead.

    /To our friends....we really were there......we....ummm....just forgot the camera.

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    Questor -

    Shhhuuuuuuuurrrre you were! (J/K)

    I'm not a shutterbug, myself, and my wife is gadget-averse, despite having purchased her a few cameras over time. So we have kind of the opposite problem. We always have the camera ready to go, but nobody creative enough (me) AND techie enough (her) to take the pics. Not that we don't... we generally have a lot of photos. Its just that not many of them are that good.

    So yeah... our watchword is ... we really were there... and these are NOT last year's pics... HONEST!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Hey, you can't live through a lens, right? I hope it was a great time. Are there any highlights of CTI that you would care to share?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thurston4sun View Post
    Hey, you can't live through a lens, right?
    I tend to. Cumbersome or not, the SLR is always at the ready when on vacation. I'd say it has paid off over the last year.

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    Well I did a review on Tripadvisor with some positives and some negatives. I think the biggest things missing are the beach and night time entertainment.

    Once you've been to Negril you're spoiled for the beach. We typically spend most of the day at the beach or in the water, but at CTI you probably won't because there is a lot of grass and rock in the water.

    At CN they had a house band that was pretty darned entertaining. I'm sorry to say the band at CTI was so understated that they really couldn't hold anyone's attention. We did find the piano player quite good one evening, but that got really overshadowed by a group which I'm told was part of the medical foundation. They basically emptied the piano bar in about 45 minutes. There was a steel drum band one night which was over the top incredible, but most nights there really wasn't very much to do.

    The island was quite different from what we experienced at CN. It is very private and has a really good vibe....except the last day when a couple of ladies got ummm, overly frisky. My lady was quite uncomfortable and we were gone like a shot.

    The water sports guys were the shining star of the place. Always great and incredibly good attitudes.

    If we weren't so spoiled for CN it would still have been incredible, but I'm afraid our home is CN and that's not likely to change.

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