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    Default Let's talk about drinks

    Hello! It's time for a little advance planning research, as our CSS date of 12/17/11 approaches (too slowly). When we visited last November, we were adventurous in trying the AN beach, but not adventurous when it came to drinks from the bar. While champagne was not a bad choice! I'd like to branch out on our next trip. I found the drink of the day and Rum Runners too sweet for more than just one. What cocktail can I sip on the beach that is not too sweet and not too filling? Thanks for your advice.

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    We had a "Taste the Rainbow" day at SSB. Basically we went through every color drink the bartender could make: pink, red, green, blue, purple, white, yellow... Veronique was the bartender for the week and she was fantastic!!! She would just make up pitchers and everyone got to try the drinks. It was a lot of fun and a great way to find a few favorites - my personal favs were the Jamaican Smile and the Caribbean Sky.

    Jeff & Denise
    SDR 09/09
    CSS 09/10, 09/11, 09/12, 09/13, 09/16
    CTI 09/15

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    Appleton rum and diet Pepsi: the ideal refreshment when you find yourself in an all-day sunning situation (as in SSB or the island) which requires copious quantities of liquid refreshment AND you don't want to overdo the sweet calories .

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    Vodka + Ting!,,

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    just ask the bar tender to surprise you, if you don't like it, try something else

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    Appleton V/X, coconut rum & pineapple juice with a Coruba floater... tastes like paradise with about 25% of the sugar in a pina colada

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    I agree that some of the "drinks of the day" are too sweet for my taste, but if you like the general flavor by cutting down on the amount of simple syrup and/or adding an acid (citrus in this context) to balance the sugar. Just talk to the bartender, and I'm sure you'll find a cocktail to your liking in no time.

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    My favourite beach drink is a's clear and refreshing and you can drink 'em all day! lol The biggest problem with mojitos is that very often there is no mint available. If that is the case, have Dave at the beach bar whip you up a Lime Daquairi. It's very close to a mojito and just as refreshing!

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    Hi Sunny,
    My favorite drink is the Rum Punch with a dark rum float. But I've heard people just love the vodka slushies--not too sweet and highly drinkable all day long....

    One Love,

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    Vodka & Ting, Bloody Mary's are my choice when the others get too sweet.

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    I struggle every time I'm at Couples also with drinks - I don't like the really sweet stuff. Like you said, one is enough.

    Beer is too filling and not cold enough and I can't drink champagne during the day - will give me a headache.

    We like drinking Salty Dogs (grapefruit juice and vodka) but that fills me up after a few. I love mojitos but if it's a mix, it's too sweet. I always have to tell the bartenders to not make it sweet - too much simple syrup most of the time.
    Vodka and tonic is always good, too.

    But I'm hoping I see some good suggestions here!

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    Rum Cream on ice, with a shot of Appleton gold on top, nice sipping cocktail that will leave you happy

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    Default Drinks

    I always seem to find a drink that I gravitate towards each trip. I love Rum. I think the Mojito is not too heavy or sweet - you can ask for a little less sugar to cut the sweetness as well. I also really like the Big Bamboo - but that might be too sweet for you - but not filling.

    You can always try gin and tonics and stuff like that! I also like Bellini's - champagne and peach schnapps - before dinner or some sort of martini during dinner!

    I also like the shots - my favorite of this last trip is the Dirty Girl - tastes like chocolate chip mint ice cream - yummy!!! Do a couple shots and then you can just drink water!

    Be truly is a blast!

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    Bacardi ( or your favorite Rum) and cranberry juice might be worth a try. It is my drink of choice. I'm not a fan of sweet drinks either.

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    I know exactly what you mean, because I am the same. I ordered clamato juice in my mini bar, brought it to the beach with me, and asked them to make me a caesar with it. Not sweet at all. If I did not bring my clamato with me, I just drank bloody Marys. Good luck, and have fun.

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    Ting and Rum (overproof)

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    For the Brits amongst us (me) what is a caesar?

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    I became a fan of Vodka Slushes our last trip. They were different and very refreshing.
    Have an awesome trip!

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    Absolut citron, soda water and splash cranberry juice. Very refreshing on those warm Jamaican days.

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    Overproof and ting.
    Overproof and orange juice.
    Overproof and diet Pepsi.
    (get the pattern?)
    Ricky Ginsburg
    On the web, always open

    Boca Raton, Florida
    (just a 75 minute plane flight from paradise)

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    My girlfriend wants to know if they have actual slushy machines down there or is it just a blended drink with crushed ice?


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    Quote Originally Posted by pharma girl View Post
    For the Brits amongst us (me) what is a caesar?
    Bloody Mary with Clamato, instead of straight tomato juice

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    Pharma girl, For the Brits amongst us (me) what is a caesar?

    A Caesar is a Canadian drink like a bloody mary, but they use clamato juice instead. It sounds a bit gross, but they are very tasty, and not sweet at all. You should try at least one.

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    Default My choice

    I have to also cast my vote for the Vodka & Ting, quite refreshing but they will sneak up on you, especially if you are playing horseshoes and Bocci in the hot sun all day

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    A caeser is:

    Clamato (clam juice added to tomato juice)
    Worcestershire sauce
    horseradish (optional)

    At least that's how we make em up here

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