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    Default Average age???

    What is the average age at the resorts? My husband and I are in our early 40's...we were just wondering if any of the resorts are geared towards any specific age groups. Thanks!

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    We found that most couples were either pre children age (under 30) or post children age (late 40's on up). Its just hard to get away when you have younger children. We were in our late 30's and hung out with all aged couples. Couples is one of the most friendly places we've ever been.

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    There is another thread somewhere about the age, but the average is young at heart. Age does not seem to be a factor at a Couples resort. You can if you want meet and talk with couples of all ages. Everyone seems happy and young. I do not feel that CN or CSA are geared towards any one age group, and I would not believe any of them are. They are geared towards couples in love, no matter the age. Enjoy.

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    Old enough to travel without mommy and daddy and young (mobile) enough to still get on and off a plane. None of the resorts are geared towards an age group and the mix will depend on who is there when you are there...the next week could look totally different.

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    Not at all......they cater to all age groups!!!! After saying that Jan, Feb, Mar the average age might be a little bit higher, and May, June, July (wedding/honeymoon season) might be a little bit lower, but it makes no difference. Everyone feels young at Couples!!!

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    Age has never been an issue for us and we are in our mid 40s.
    That being said, I will say it seems to me that the honeymooners are more at CTI and those are the younger folks...jmho
    You will encounter folks of all ages and there is no issue whatsoever...everyone is awesome!

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    You are likely squarely in the middle of the age demographic. Very few very young, very few very old, a whole bunch right in the middle.

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    You are about in the middle. There are a lot of younger people during busy times for weddings and honeymoons (i.e. esp. June), there are also a lot of older couples who have been coming to couples for years to celebrate their anniversaries (or because they finally have more time now that they are retired). Since everyone is on vacation, the warm weather makes the joints feel good and the humidity plumps up all of the fines lines and makes everyone look 10+ years younger, the older people don't really act their age. You could find yourself dancing into the wee hours with 20-80 year olds :-). Swept Away probably has the best night life with the piano bar and the Aura night club (if you are into that kind of thing), whilst the other 3 resorts offer clothing optional beaches during the day. San Souci is likely the quietest at night, though the balloon bar does get going on occasion.

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    thank you all so much for your responses!!!! This will help out alot! I'm really excited and can't wait for Nov 2012!!!! I love how everyone goes back time after time! Go once and you seem to get hooked so I know it must be just fantastic there (regardless of which resort!) Can't wait to become part of the "family!"

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