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    Default New to Couples, Anniversary trip in February to CSS

    Hello to all! My husband and I are new to Couples. I just booked our 10th anniversary trip to CSS. I almost got an ulcer trying to decide which of the Couples we wanted to go to! Well I finally settled on a 1 bedroom suite. Any tips or info would be greatly appreciated, I cannot count all of the posts I have read between here and tripadvisor. Looking forward to our wonderful tropical getaway.

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    Hi hoosierfarmers,
    Since it's your anniversary, why not a private dinner on your big day on the beach or in the Wedding Gazebo? That's what my husband and I did and had a great time!

    One Love,

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    We did the private dinner in the gazebo also. Awesome! There are lots of nooks and crannies to explore at this gorgeous resort. You will have a blast, enjoy!

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