Well,January 2005 sealed our number one vacation resort..It's indeed the Couples Resorts.

I find myself selling these resorts everywhere I go..It's just what I do because I truly believe in Couples.

I see t-shirts and caps being worn by strangers of other troplical resorts and yep,this is my chance..So I speak to them and give them some info..Peggy loves Couples also but she gets ill at me for doing so much of this..But I can say that I have turned a few strangers on to Couples so I am happy.

Peggy and I owe,yes owe,the Couples Resorts so much...We have met hundreds,if not thousands,of strangers and we now call them friends...Some are very dear friends that we see two or three times a year even tho they live hundreds of miles away.

We have hosted a few Couples Par ta's in 10 0 c and the turn out was awesome...Our last Couples Par Ta we had quests from 8 different states...And it's all because of the opportunity of meeting them at a Couples Resort.

Our lives are now much richer and we thank the world's greatest resort chain very much..The Couples Resorts.

Hugs from Tommywommy and Peggyweggy of 10 0 c