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    Default Jordan and Sarah from Nebraska

    Hi guys, I just saw your post. Unfortunately we have no plans in the near future to get back to CSA. Our jobs are in limbo a little at the post office. I just canceled a cruise and just had a large car repair too. We just can't seem to get ahead!
    I hope you got to Target field this summer. We went to one game and enjoyed ourselves. Too bad for the disappointing season for our Twins. I hope you guys get back to CSA soon and have a Red Stripe or two for us! Take care, Sara and Jim(softail19)

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    Awww Sara, you guys had to cancel your cruise?? I am sooo sorry for all that you're going thru and hope you see a light at the end of the tunnel soon my friend!!!

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    Hey! We don't know if we will make it back to CSA any time soon either. We are building a house and things have been pretty hectic around here! We did get to visit Target Field this year. Great field! It was a really fun time!

    Any time we have some Appleton Rum we reminisce about the Catamaran cruise and how we met you guys! Such a fun memory! I hope everything works out with your jobs. We will be thinking about you and sending positive thoughts your way! As the weather starts to get wintery (yuck) around here, we can always open a Red Stripe and daydream about being at the beach bar. So good hearing from you!

    Sarah and Jordan

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    Hi Soonerfans, I hope you are well. Yes I had to cancel. I am trying to be responsible for once. In the past sometimes I've just said the heck with it, lets go for it but too much is going on. Nothing ever happen sfast with the post office but we couldn't justify spending the money. I will just have to settle for reading this board and look forward to hearing about your upcoming wedding and dream trip.

    Jordan and Sarah, Congrats on the new house! How exciting! I'm glad you got to Target Field .It's quite a palace! I know what you mean, I do a lot of dreaming all the time about our trips to Couples. They have been the most fun for Jim and I.
    We will get back someday. Good luck with the house. You two were the nicest people we have met on our trips. Take care, Sara and Jim

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