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    Default New to Couples CN - Ideas for fun stuff to do !!

    Hello everyone !

    My fiance and I visited Jamaica 2 years ago and fell in love with everthing it has to offer ! We fell in love so much we have booked our wedding at CN on 12/06/2012. Thanks to my Maid of Honor who suggested to us the Couples Resorts.

    If anyone can give us some great suggestions on things you have to do on the resort and fun stuff to do out side the resort ! We are "virgins" to the Negril area and to the Couples lifestyle. We have 7 other couples coming down with us and non of them have been to Jamaica and I want to make sure to show them the time of their lives !!

    437 days to go !!!

    Thanks for your help !

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    You already booked CN, so that pretty much takes care of your end of the deal!

    If you need a couple of extra fun ideas:

    On-Site: Cat cruise, pool bar, floating in the bay, try all of the restaurants at least once, and my personal fave, all-inclusive scuba diving

    Off-Site: Office of Nature (short walk up the beach for fresh lobster), Cosmo's Restaurant, Pelican Bar, YS Falls, Black River Safari, Appleton Estate Rum Tour

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    Hello Jollykins, long time no see on the board!! We are getting married at CSA on 12/12/12 so your countdown is closer then ours! hahaha Did that make you feel better? LOL Well congrats on the CN wedding and hopefully will be seeing you more on this mb!!!

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    Go to the cliffs for dinner one night. Ivan's or Rockhouse will pick you up, and the driver will wait for you, and take you home. Its about a 20 dollar cab ride back. Its a very different place from the beach and the sunsets are spectacular. You will see the cliffs area when you go on the cat cruise. Have fun.

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    We've been there twice and haven't found a reason to leave except for a round of golf.

    I'm not saying there is nothing worth doing, I'm just saying it's hard enough to leave when my week is over. Before that you'd be hard pressed to find me something better to do than enjoy paradise.

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    Soonerfans - How long are you guys going to be at CN? We will be there Dec 2-11. I cant wait the planning has been fun. I have been working on my OOT bags and finished my luggage tags the other day.

    Thanks to everyone so far that has posted ! We can't wait to get our feet in the sand again

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    Ahhhh...Experience sand gravity and all its glory!!! If you don't know what that is, you will soon find out.

    Have everyone sign up for romance rewards and run over to CSA for a day via the "Trading Places Program". From there you can stroll the length of Long Bay and stop at any of the many beach bars and shops along the way. Just keep in mind that the "Trading Places Program" is limited to 10 couples at a time. Since you are traveling with so many people this could be problematic. Sign up for the excursion early if you want to do it. Long bay has a different vibe than Bloody Bay, where CN is located.
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    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    With seven other couples there with you, you won't want to leave the resort. The resort offers SO much to do, you won't want to leave except to go on the cat cruise. You should be excited, be very excited. You are in for the time of your life!

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