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    Default ONE MONTH to CN !!!

    Only one month to CN... 2nd time for us, last year at the DR and not nearly as fun as we had at CN... so back we come, this time for ten days!!!
    Is Jude still at the bar and Fabian still with the activities?
    If we don't get there soon, send dirty bananas and calypso's......

    Anyone know what day the repeater dinner is? (since this will be our first repeat)

    Also, in another post it was noted that there is no more repeater couples massages?
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    Monday is the repeater dinner at CN or at least it was in February, Not certain on the people you are asking about. No massage until you reach over 27 nights I believe, that is somewhere here on their web site, and alas we have 146 days to go.

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    The Repeaters Dinner is still Monday, but now at Lychee, instead of Otaheite. However, when we did ours last November, and it was still at O, they had it out on the patio in front of the restaurant, because there were a lot of people there and it was beautiful outside that night.

    In lieu of the complimentary massage, they now have resort credits, which you can use for a couples massage if you'd like. The $100 credit for the Young Love level (6-13 nights stayed) would cover both of you for the 25min Stress Relief Massage, which is the one that used to be complimentary at that level. All of the other Repeater benefits are the same.

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    Thanks for the responses.... now just over three weeks

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