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    We are debating flying in late Friday night instead of arriving late morning/early afternoon on a Saturday. If we do that, how early can we report to the Couples lounge for departure to CN? I've heard we need to have a cab driver drop us outside the lounge at the airport and we need to let them know we are there, correct?
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    Hi we are doing the same thing. We arrive on a tuesday later in the day and we booked a hotel in montego bay for the night. I have found out that you go to the couples lounge the day you arrive and let them know that you are there. You go back the next morning to the back of the airport where the couples lounge is and tell secruity that you need the couples lounge and they will go get someone. I believe the earliest you can get there is 8:30am. We have decided to take our own transfers and hire a private driver and take a tour on our way to the resort instead. We figured it would cost us about the same as if we went on a tour from the resort so why not go see something and save a cab ride back to the airport. Just something to think about. Diane

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