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    Default I need 25 plus New England Couples to get this 2011 Par-Taa started!

    Come one, come all, to the 3rd annual New England Coupleholics 2011 get together. Yes we are going to have a Par Taa! Donít miss out on this great yearly event.
    When September 24th
    Where Providence RI
    You can have the most romantic day with others who share your passion for Couples resorts. Spend the afternoon with us at the Aqua poolside lounge and get warmed up for a great night of food, fun, surprise guests, and entertainment!
    The show stopper here is of course: You will fall in love here again just like at Couples where you can enjoy a very romantic evening stroll along the river with your better half at this truly amazing, breath taking, phenomenon we have here in Providence, RI.
    So if you are interested drop me an email expressing interest.
    Provide me with your names and email address and I will place you on the guest list.

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    Tom and I are in!! You couldn't have picked a better location next to CN itself!! Waterfire alone is worth the trip. It is absolutely AMAZING!! Thanks Kevin for putting this together. This will be a fantastic PAR TAA!!
    Sign up soon everyone, there is usually a special gift at the end of these events.
    I'm just saying........

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    Bill anad I look forward to seeing everyone again. We've had so much fun at these gatherings. Great group of people all sharing loyalty to the Couples family. And Providence is the perfect place to meet. Hope to see lots of new faces join us.

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    Default 8 and counting way to go New England Couplesholics

    8 and counting ( and I just posted it yesterday)toward the first 25 rooms being blocked for us.
    Join in the fun or you'll be sorry you missed this one!

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    So NE couples. Who's coming to the PAR TAA?

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    Pat & Mike ( Townshend, VT) are!

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    We will be there. Getting ready for our trip to CTI the following weekend.

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    We are in-can't wait
    Dave & Beth Hay

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    We're in too. We have to work out a prior commitment for Syl, which means that we may have to arrive later. Have not a care, we shall be there

    Richie & Sylvia

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    Sandy & Ernie,are in also for we went last year and had a great time.

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    Want to give this a bump in case anyone missed it.

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    Default Thead link to Pictures from the 2nd annual New England Couples PAR TEE

    Check out the fun we had last year on this thread!

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    Count us in.
    Don and Cindy

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    Default Yikes, over 669 lurking on this event!

    Folks you don't want to hesitate on this event! It has become an annual pilgrimage for all those lucky New England Couples who enthusiastically can't get enough of what we all have in common.
    It truly has been a great time and has grown in popularity and numbers each year. This year the goal is to hit 50 couples!

    Room rates are normally $169 ...........I have a locked and blocked rate of $129 that I would need a commitment on by noon on 6/30/11 to keep that rate for you.

    If you are on the fence on this, just chime in! Those whom previously attended will let you know the real deal here.

    When September 24th
    Where Providence RI

    If you contact the hotel let them know you are with the New England Jamaica Par Taa
    Then let me know
    We all hope to see you there.

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    Should we book our room ourselves by June 30th in order to get the rate?

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    Count us in ... Should be a great time!
    Sarah (& Baxter)
    CN 2009; CTI 2010; CSS 2011;
    CN 2012; CTI 2013

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    Sue and Bill, I need to let the hotel know by the 30th on how many we are blocking at the $129 night rate. If you book now that is fine just let me know. I sure all will be extremely pleased with the great evening planned.

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    Anyone who is on the fence about attending this event should jump off on the right side. Not only do you get to share stories and pics about your favorite place, you get to mingle with Randymon who always comes with GIFTS . Is the gift worth the few hours it might take you to drive to this location??? ABSOLUTELY!!! Come and meet some people that you wouldn't normally see, the infamous Crabracer, maybe? Richie and Syl are soo worth the drive . Believe me when I tell you the location of this get together couldn't be any better.

    COME ONE, COME ALL!! Believe won't be disappointed!!!

    Can't wait to see the people that I have met the past few years...and hope to meet some new ones!

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    Default 2011 New England Par-Taa!

    Plymouth was great but it sounds as if Providence will be even better! Hope that more couples will get on board; the more the merrier.
    Pat & Mike Adrian

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    If Sandy and Ernie are in we will be as well - Scott and Pam

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    have a wicked time

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    We are booked! Looking forward to the fun!

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    This place looks amazing... to bad I am Midwest not North East......

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    It would be nice if we could get the Stanley Cup to join us lol

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    Just booked the Hotel room. Looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new friends.

    Thanks to Kevin for setting this up.

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