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    Default trip insurance or no?

    Hello! I'm a newbie to the board but have been browsing and everyone is so helpful with their responses =)

    My tentative dates for stay at CN is June 1 - June 7. However I may need to change the dates within 1-3 days each way. I called Couples and they said there is no charge or increase as long as I keep the dates within the same date bracket of the original promotion I book. Should I then still purchase the trip insurance offered through Couples or no? What would you do?

    Also, the cancel for any reason waiver states: With this Island Romance Holidays Cancellation Waiver, your hotel/land cancellation penalty will be refunded in Island Romance Holidays travel certificates, with the balance of the refund paid by check or credit card credit

    Sorry if this is a dumb question but does this mean I don't get refunded back to my credit card but instead get "Island Romance Holidays travel certificates"?

    Thank you in advance for your help, it's greatly appreciated!!

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    That sounds about right. I just canceled a cruise I had booked as our job situation has gotten complex. (Postal workers). We had purchased what I thought was "cancel for any reason " insurance. I had paid just a deposit and I was informed by my travel agent thars. I am at I now have a credit to use within 2 years. I am filing a claim but don't have much faith. I don't know what to tell you but it's very disappointing. So much for the cancel for any reason! They love to take your money but they sure don't like to return it.

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    Tripmate insurance

    We have always bought the insurance (Tripmate) that comes in the resort package. In November of 2009, we were extremely pleased that we have bought the insurance. The FAA had a major computer problems on the day we were flying to MBJ to get to the resort. This computer problem, caused all major airlines to reschedule flights or they had major delays. Our airlines, American Airlines, had several delays and in the end, our first night of our trip was in Dallas, Texas instead of Negril, Jamaica. Once we got back into the states and finally got around to filing with the insurance company, they were very fair in covering the meals and just about every cost that happened due to our delay in the trip. We also got credit for our first day we missed out on at Couples Negril. It did take a long time for the insurace to settle with us, but it was totally worth the money. I would highly recommend getting the insurance as you don't know what could go wrong. Also, some insurance companies in the US, won't cover any medical issues out of the US. A medical issue could run into a ton of money if is comes up.

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    I booked my trip for August 2012 in June 2011 so I did a lot of research on travel insurance since our trip was more than a year away and you just can't know what could happen in that time...

    I found to have decent rates and good coverage. For a minimal price you can upgrade to "Cancel for Any Reason" which gives you 75% back up to 48 hours before the trip if you have to cancel. It's also really nice because you can instantly get a personalized quote before you sign up for anything.

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    We always get it b/c you never know!

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    Thank you all so much for your input and the useful info! I will look into the other options available. I probably will end up choosing some form of insurance because like many have said, definitely nice to have that peace of mind should something ever happen.

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