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    Default Where is the pot of gold?

    Ok, we have known this answer for years.

    Tower Isle of course!

    Come home soon!

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    Couples Resorts

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    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Knew it!

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    Awesome Picture!

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    Well that certainly beats the pot I found at the end of my rainbow...

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    There's no place like home! Attachment 14050

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    Wow... that is awesome! Thanks for Sharing!

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    This picture brought tears to my eyes!! I love Tower Isle!!

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    I think that Syl and I were there at that time. Although I don't remember which trip that was. Only that it was still COR. I have a picture of me near the old hot tubs before Bayside. And the mats on the chairs were blue and white stripes.
    It sent people running back to their rooms for their camera. It was a double rainbow. You can just make it out in your picture.

    And the date was ............?

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    Nice rainbow shot. We're coming back to CTI on Oct. 20th - my first visit to what was called Couples Jamaica the last time - August 1987.
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    THAT is amazing!

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    Randi & Sherri
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    There's a joke in there somewhere.

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    We were at Couples Tower Isle this month and saw a double rainbow that extended over to the island on 9/4/11. I was so lucky to have my camera with me. It was absolutely beautiful!

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    WOW! so...beautiful...

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