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    Default Casinos?

    We will be going to CSA and CSS for 1 week each in June 2012...are there any casinos on site? are there any off-site that are ones that you would recommend?

    thanks for the info!

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    CSA has a small one onsite next to the computer room and pianobar/niteclub everything is electronic
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    CSS has no casino or even a game room with slots and/or video poker type games

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    CSA also has "Casino Night" where you get play money to gamble with. At the end of the night you can use your "winnings" at the auction to "purchase" items you bid on. No casino at CSS...just lots of romantic places to explore on the property.


    Bart & Bug

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    Hey CouplesVirgin2012 was just looking at your profile and it looks like you're just the next state over so just wanted to say hi!!

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