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    Default 10 Days & Counting!!

    I am so excited!! Tomorrow will mark our entry into the single digits club! My husband and I will be at CTI from September 28th until October 3rd to celebrate our fourth anniversary! Will anyone else be there around that time? This is our first time at Couples and our first time in Jamaica. We are so excited! Any advice for the newbies??

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    We'll just miss you - headed to CTI Oct 5-15 for our 5 yr anniversary. We were married at COR so can't wait to get back and see the remodel! Have a dirty banana for me when you get there!

    Definitely do Dunns River and the Catamaran! Enjoy your trip!

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    Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary! I'm sorry that we are going to miss you. I would definitely do Dunns River, but I'm going to have to talk my husband into it. He read up on it and thought that it sounded dangerous. I hope to change his mind though!

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    Legaleagle- We are so jealous! We have to wait 207 more days to go home to CTI! You are going to have a fantastic time. Dunns River Falls is great. We would highly recommend it (but watch out for the vendors at the end, it's like running a gauntlet! lol). We also enjoyed the Cat cruise and snorkeling. Have fun and have a dirty banana for me
    Bonnie & Jon

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    Serenity: I am so looking forward to this getaway!! The thought of not having to go to work and just relaxing in the sun makes me smile! I really do feel like a kid waiting for Christmas. I've been looking at the weather in Jamaica, though, and it seems as if it is going to rain every day that we are there. I hope that it is just going to be some quick rain showers. I am going to keep my fingers crossed!

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    I thought it would be a little dangerous too, but with the water shoes and the guide it's not so bad. The guide really makes the trip!

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    Hey legaleagle my husband and i will be there the 27 thru the 8th. we will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary our third time at cti got married there in 09 and went back 10 for anniversary and again this year. you will have a blast look us up bob and barb katy or captain kirk will know who we are see you soon

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    Don't worry about the weather. We had rain predicted every day we were there and only got one shower during the day and a SERIOUS thunderstorm one night. It was something to see but beautiful weather the next day. Even if it rains, you are still in paradise! Have fun and let us know how your trip was when you get back!!
    Bonnie & Jon

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    Default Thanks!

    Thanks everyone! In just two more days we will be at the beautiful CTI. I'm sure that we will have a great time! Will report back after we return...

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    11 more days till CTI! I only wish we were leaving tomorrow!! We will be celebrating our 2 yr anniv.

    We will be there 10/8-10/16 - Soon come, I must remind myself.

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