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    Default Our Wedding Day! September 3,2011 at CSA!!!

    Awe! Our wedding day has finally arrived! I've been waiting months to write all about my special day on this message board. After spending countless hours reading every brides personal account of their fairy tale wedding day I finally have my own. I should preface this entire review by saying our wedding at Couples Swept Away was absolutely perfect.

    Awe! Our wedding morning! By this day it is our third morning on the resort....and mornings are VERY nice in Jamaica. The sun was barely up and I was an anxious bride! I couldn't lay there anymore and just THINK....what to do?!?! It is MY wedding day. I decide I will call over to the besties room and wake her up for an early morning work out. She gladly agrees we should get in a morning run. It was the perfect way to start my wedding day. After a run over at the gym I decided to wake my groom up for some yummy breakfast and Blue Mountain coffee over at the Palms. Who wouldn't want to start their wedding day off with such tranquility?!? He agreed.

    We originally chose the sunset hour for the ceremony but decided we would rather spend the money for the upgrade on our pictures. Sunset happens around 5:30 and we opted for the 4:00 time slot. It didn't make much sense to spend so much more money on and hour and a half time difference when we KNEW we wanted as many pics as we could get! Either way we had plenty of time to enjoy our wedding day in its entirety.

    After breakfast we decided to do the snorkeling excursion with some of our guests. It was a great time(I write more About it in my overall review) and a great way to spend the morning.
    When we arrived back at our resort after snorkeling we located our favorite beach beverage and it was time for a quick lunch. My sweet fiance walked the beach looking for fresh lobster tail for sale while I went back to our room to take a relaxing bath. He showed up just a little bit later with two huge lobsters. We sat on our bed and enjoyed a quiet little lunch with each other.

    After lunch I needed to go over to the spa. Luckily my sister and my best friend are both hair dressers and were doing my hair and makeup for my wedding. My only problem was my toes had spent so much time in the sand that they really needed a fresh pedicure. The lady in the spa was unbelievably sweet. If I remember right her name was Nicolette. She offered me wine and asked me to tell her all about my fiance. She wanted to know from start to finish. Happily, I revisited the last four years of my life. I'm not totally sure if she was genuinely interested in my particular love story or if that is part of their job duty....either was so nice to sit back and think about what this is REALLY all about. If it is their strategy it is a really good one.

    By this time it is almost two and I was ready to kick into high gear. Quickly I went back to my room and just in time for my favorite girls to get there. My sister did my hair and Jill helped me dress.
    Just a little before the ceremony our photographer arrived. We hired Misha Earle. We haven't received the finish product yet but I know they'll be perfect. She just sat back and took candid favorite.

    It is time...:-) All of our guests are sitting at the bar right outside the room with my groom. My dad walks in and of course makes me smile and then there is my brother who brings the first tear to my eyes. Alecia, the nicest wedding coordinator ever takes them all to their seats and comes back to the room to get me. Somehow a resort photographer shows up...this ended up being perfectly fine.
    Here we go. The music starts...God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton. I can hear it from several yards away. The tears are swelling up in my eyes. A perfect song to walk down the aisle. Finally I see Shawn and I can see I'm not the only one with tears. We have a traditional ceremony and it was perfect.

    One of my worries about having a 4:00 ceremony was that about that time everyday there was a small shower or overcast. I Just decided this was fine with me. It wasn't about the weather but that my vows were said. Sure enough, like clockwork an overcast. It had been so hot earlier in the day this quite literally a breath of fresh air! During the ceremony it was cool and breezy and actually thundered. I LOVED it!

    With an overcast meant I wouldn't be getting the pictures I wanted. The sun has to hit the water in order to get the pretty blue hues in the pics. The water is its prettiest early in the morning and when the sun was shining brightest. This was a HUGE disappointment to me. But since we hired such an amazing photographer she agreed to meet us the next morning for our "trash the dress" and the beautiful pics on the water. The positive to this was that we went straight to our reception and enjoyed our cake and champagne with our guests. Misha of course stayed for all of our reception and took several pics. The negative was we would have to wake up early the next morning and get dressed and fixed up again for our pics. But we really wanted those pictures. The next morning Misha arrived early and took us to some different locations in Negril. We actually did "passion" pics which were REALLY fun but VERY sexy...or at least felt very sexy. We pretty much made out in the water with ALL of our wedding attire on. I liked it! Then she took us to some cliffs. Shawn wanted pics of us jumping off in our wedding clothing. At first I was apprehensive but it was SO much fun. We stood at the top and got many more pictures. Then we jumped and the adrenaline was outrageous. :~)
    Needless to say...I'm patiently waiting to see how these pictures turn out. They were a blast to do!

    After our reception we went back to our room to change and get ready for dinner at the Palms.
    Dinner at the Palms was exceptional. We had a party of 13(my brother and dad stayed at a different resort cause they are both single and wouldn't you know brother met the hottest and sweetest girl and brought her to my wedding) and they did an extraordinary job serving all of us. The food was unbelievable and the company was even better. After dinner we went up to the Aura lounge and had a few drinks and danced. I wish we had stayed dressed up and danced our night away up there. It was a good time! Somehow everyone ended up putting their swimsuit's on and we all went to the pool and hot tub. My new husband and I called it an early night....and by early I mean around 10PM. ;-)

    When we started planning our wedding our main goal was romantic and simple. We are simple people who simply wanted to be married. We already have a little girl so it seemed silly for us to throw a big huge traditional wedding. We didn't add any extras. We stuck with the cake and flowers the resort offered. We didn't wear shoes. He dressed very casual. We chose not to have bridesmaids and groomsmen to keep it light and easy. We didn't want anyone to feel like they couldn't enjoy everything CSA and Jamaica had to offer because of their job duties as bridesmaids and groomsmen. So, we just asked everyone to show up and enjoy their time and CELEBRATE with us. It was truly amazing. I loved waking up the morning of my wedding and ENJOYING every minute of my day. I didn't rush around town getting my hands, feet, hair and makeup done while shoving food down my face and running late to a church. I truly relaxed ALL day long. It was calm, tranquil, entertaining, romantic, different and BEAUTIFUL!

    I'm completely in love with CSA. My husband visited our travel agent two days after we got back to book for next year (I love him) and found out we have to book 330 days out. So, around October 1st we will put our deposit down for our one year anniversary trip. I'm a blessed woman!

    So, all I can say is if you're planning your wedding or honeymoon in Jamaica at CSA....sit back and relax because everything will be perfect. If something comes up....It's "no problem Mon."

    If anyone has any questions feel free to email me at and here are a few pics from my wedding day....

    And when Misha gets my professional ones to me I will share them as well!

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    Great review! Thank you. Sounds like you had a fantastic time! Congrats!

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    I tried to look at your pics but it says its not available? Im getting married june 2012 at csa....u made misha's pics sound so nice , now i wanna see them too!!! hahah

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    Great review, but I could not see your pictures. Did you make sure you took of the privacy secruity on that album on facebook. It has to be made public (or whatever they call it). ?

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    I'm sorry.... search me By my and I will make the pics public.

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    Well you have sucessfully brought tears to my eyes....and that is a first for me. I can't wait to see your pics. I am getting ready to book my CSA wedding, and you have completely put my mind at ease.

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    Congrats!!! Very nice photos and great review

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