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    Default CSA Wedding Advice Wanted!!

    Hey gang-New here to the message board and was wanting some general information on the best options for our wedding at CSA. My fiance and I are getting married there November 16th! Less than 3 months away! Hows the wedding cake? Photographer? Has anyone used their salon services? Would like some first hand advice or information! Thanks a bunch!

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    Hi Danya
    We were married @CSA on Feb27th of this year. What a wonderful experience. We chose the chocolate wedding cake and it was awesome. They decorated it with flowers to match my bouquet and it was moist and delish!. We used their house photographer and love our pics. I used the salon for my hair, they did an incredible job, I did my own makeup. I have trouble downloading pics on this site but if you drop me an email I will
    send you some pics of my flowers, cake and hair.
    Also go to the Wedding boards, you will find lots of answers and pics. Joy

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    Never did anything with the weddings in Jamaica (been married 35 years) but they do have a section on the message board just for weddings, questions, pictures, etc. I would check it out.

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    Thanks for your replys! I will definately check out the wedding message boards! As I'm sure you know, we want everything to be perfect but also want it to be as stress free as possible!

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    We got married In March. It was fantastic! The salon did my hair and make-up AWESOME. We used Stacey Clarke for photo's, awesome. Have a blast

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    We got married at CSA on July 31st,2009. I took my flowers and stuff for my cake. We got the Jamaican fruit cake(Not sure that was the name) and it was great. They decorated it perfectly to match my flowers. I used the salon for an updo and the did a fabulous job. I have alot of hair and it only took about 40-45minutes. As far as pics our friends took the ones on the resort and then Misha Earl picked us up and we did pics on the cliffs and at another beach. Haven't got my pics back yet but Misha made they day unforgettable. She was loads of fun and we saw some incredible scenery.

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