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    Default Questions on CTI from some first-timers

    OK, we're under the 60 day mark, and I've got some questions...
    OK, and a somewhat humorous comment / complaint...
    And we haven't even been there yet...

    First, the humorous item: When we pre-registered just now, we could request additional beverages in the mini-bar. But, despite the resort carrying Pepsi products, and pre-stocking the mini-bar with Pepsi, we can't get Mountain Dew? The wife likes MD, I'm a Pepsi / Coke person...
    (OK, yes, not really a complaint, as I'm sure she can get Dew once we get there, and bring it to the room.)
    ((Please don't flame me!))

    Now, for the "serious" questions:
    1. We're in a Deluxe Ocean, which I believe from other questions comes with a shower, not a tub. No problem there, is the shower large enough for two?
    2. Any chance, as we're going to do the on-the-beach dinner, that we could get a candle on the desert? It's also going to be the wifes' birthday.
    3. I could've sworn I had more questions, but now I can't think of them, does anyone have any thoughts on what they might have been???

    Thanks all!
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    mountain dew can be a little harder to find on the island so you might want to bring your own if it's a must otherwise try a major grocer like hi-lo

    1) we were in a premiere ocean room and the shower was plenty big enough for two... there's also a little seating area thinking you'll probably have the same set up.... enjoy!

    2) i'm sure they might be able to find a candle if you ask... you can order a cake or roses or other add ons as well... and for a little more you can also have the dinner on the island... also ask to have flower pedals on the bed with the turn down service

    3) you probably have a question as to whether you'll enjoy it... and YES, you'll love it

    enjoy and happy bday to your wife... i celebrated mine there a couple weeks ago and wish we were back already... trying for january (cross fingers!! )

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    Yes to both questions.

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    First of all Jason, you're going to love CTI. We will be arriving there 9/17 for the 4th time. I really don't know about your Mt. Dew question but I'm sure the staff will help you out. You should have room for two in your shower. Talk to one of the staff about a candle for your wifes' birthday but don't be surprise if they do more for you. I surprised my wife with a anniversary ring which the staff helped me with. We also had dinner on the beach and I told them if they could put the ring on a carrot(karat on a carrot). They did what I ask and brought it out on a covered desert tray with the words around the plate"will you marry me again". The staff are SUPER and will do whatever to make your vacation SPECIAL. Enjoy and I will try to save some rum for you.

    Ralph & Roberta
    Syracuse, NY
    COR 9/1982, CTI 9/2007, CTI 9/2009, CTI 9/2011

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    Hi Jason! As far as your "Mountain Dew question:" I don't think they had it the last two times we were there. However, tell your wife to try "Ting"... grapefruity soda that's yummy!
    Shower question... is there such a thing as a shower TOO SMALL for two?? He he... Yes, as I recall, two can shower comfortably together!
    Birthday candles? Not sure on this one. I have seen pictures of dessert plates that they very nicely wrote (drizzled) "Happy Birthday" in chocolate or syrup for people. I would just take a couple with you just in case they don't have them.
    We will be at CTI in 45 days YEAY!!!! I will be sure to check for the Mountain Dew!
    Hope you have a great time! ~ Lori

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    Hello Jason - we were in a deluxe room in Block 1 and it had a tub with shower over, I dont know about the deluxe rooms in Block 4, but I'm sure someone else can tell you :-)) When you book your dinner on the beach if you let guest services know it is your wife's birthday I'm sure they would be delighted to put a candle on her desert!

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    OK, I did think of another question...

    The in-room TVs, do they include HDMI connections? Could we hook up a laptop or such to watch a movie? Of course, this may only be an issue if we want to stay in one night, or the weather turns rotten...


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    love the countdown

    they are modern flatscreen tvs (mounted to the wall) so i'm thinking they should have HDMI connections, only issue would be whether they are located with easy access on the side or around the back (which would make them inaccessible unless you took the tv off the wall!)... not sure... but there is a ample cable selection and my husband never had an issue finding a movie (or sports game lol) to watch...

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    Regarding Mountain Dew: my wife is a Dewaholic and no, they don't have it at CTI. (Also not at CSS, but they did have it in the gift shop at CN, FWIW). She buys six 20 oz bottles at the airport just before we depart and distributes it throughout our carryon bags. This is adequate to keep her from having withdrawal symptoms during the week!

    Our TV at CTI did have HDMI inputs and audio inputs, so you should be fine with using your laptop for movies.

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    New question(s):
    First, sunblock? Any suggestions on brand and SPF? Neither the wife nor I have a tan, unless you count my more-or-less permanent "truckers tan" (left arm tanned up to the shirt line) Any suggestions on where to find your suggested sunblock?
    Second, "pre-tanning" via fake-n-baking? Or if you prefer, is it worth it to go to a tanning salon beforehand? While a tan provides only a very marginal SPF, does it help prevent a burn (when combined with sunblock)?

    Thanks all!
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    Bo you burn? I need to use 50 and still have Mr Henry telling me "you should know better" when I'm all pink and red.

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    Re: sunburn prevention. We use Coppertone Sport SPF 30. Sam's Club has the lotion in 2-packs for a decent price. Three bottles lasted a week for the two of us with liberal application. We also had a base (tanning bed) tan before the trip. Neither had any sunburn after lots of sun time. Beware of using spray sunscreen outside - we saw a poor guy with the most uneven sunburn resulting from using spray sunscreen in the wind. Be sure you're covered with the lotion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KrisJamie View Post
    Bo you burn? I need to use 50 and still have Mr Henry telling me "you should know better" when I'm all pink and red.
    I don't tend to burn, except on the tops of my ears and head sometimes (I go for a short haircut, not quite a "high-and-tight") The wife, she burns easily. I wonder if some of that is due to my having grown up in a town on a lake, my GrandParents had a house on a lake, so I spent a LOT of time in swimsuits. The wife spent some days over the summer going to the beach, but I think not as much as me...

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    liquid, any suggestions on tanning beds for first-timers? The wife burns quickly (I think,) it takes me rather more time to burn... Would it be worth it to drop $20 for a month of unlimited (a lot of the tanning places around here offer such a deal,) or would we be better off to just slather on the sunblock once we're down in Jamaica?

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    I'm no expert about tanning, and I do acknowledge that it's probably not the best idea to tan. However, I do remember how it seemed like each year on my first vacation day in the sun I'd end up a little "burnt" (or worse). Then the rest of the trip was less than wonderful nursing that painful red skin. We have unlimited tanning available as an inexpensive add-on at our local gym. This makes it convenient for us to tan a bit as needed. Our gym has both "regular" beds and "super" beds, the difference being the intensity of the tanning bulbs. I start out at 10 minutes in the regular bed and work up to a max of 20 minutes. Since you've got a month and a half to go, you should be able to get a decent base tan if you so choose. Don't push it though - you can get a sunburn in a tanning bed too.
    Whether you tan before going or not, do slather on the sunblock once you're there!

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    We saw lots of high SPF (60 plus) for sale at CTI. If you're going to spend much time in the sun you will definitely need the strong stuff.

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