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    Mooman -- yes, I do remember you rushing in from snorkeling!! too funny - and then yall came over that night at the restaraunt and gave a toast! I think we caught back up to yall at CN in 2009 (2008 was the year we were going to do a CN/COR split and they closed COR - we ended up at GLB -- which is where we met Marc and Court!! wow - what a tangled web we weave... LOL) Jerry and MaeLynn can't seem to get on the message board, but you'll remember them when we get there!

    Carol and Ed are yall in for the Pelican Bar trip with us?


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    Hi guys! I'm tying the knot on 3/10 and my future husband and I will arrive at CN on 3/12. We're staying til 3/19. I'm so excited about this trip! We're total newbies. [Just got our passports in last month!] I've been glued to the MB for weeks now and I can't wait to meet a bunch of great people.

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    Me & Dusty

    Hope to see you all there and share a Red Stripe or two [or three, or four...] with y'all!

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    Hey Marc...I bet ya that I have more fans than Jerry!

    TexPanCpl...I love rum cream on ice! It's like Baileys but made with rum. Certain bartenders also make a mean Bloody Mary. And when I want something really light, a simple vodka slushie with a touch of lime juice hits the spot. Plus, you gotta have a Bob Marley! Otherwise, each bartender has his or her own special concoction, so it's fun to ask each of them for their "special". And by the way...don't let marcs25 corrupt you. Blatant disrespect for the king may result in a royal whipping!
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    Kevin & Vickie...if you don't see the glow around the bar, you might find us at the hot tub playing ring toss!

    Alnic1999, I attached a corrected schedule just for you! I'm not sure what Couples does for St. Patty's Day. In the past, we usually made up our own parties. And next time you find Minnesota snow, you should make a snow angel... Jamaican style!
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    Carol & Ed --
    How did your friend like CN? Weren't they going in January?!
    Just curious to hear what she thought!

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    My wife and I will be there March 6-13th! Can't wait to get there!Name:  ash_and_i.jpg
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    Heather and Dusty...Can't wait to meet you two. You will love Jamaica and Congrats on the upcoming marriage..


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    We're headed to CN March 22 - 27. Our first visit to a Couples Resort! Let the countdown begin - we just booked today!

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    JJ thanks for the drink tips. I love a good bloody mary in the mornings to get things going and my wife loves Baileys so I'm sure she will like the rum cream and vodka slushy. Beachwed, we plan to visit that side as well.
    Marc and Courtney sounds like someone will have to watch out for the king in case he gets out of control lol. Can't wait for the trip and enjoy some sun and drinks. We for sure want to take the cat cruise, what time does it usually leave and get back to the resort?

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    Hello everyone!

    We're Lisa and Damian from Long Island, NY. We're arriving for our first trip to CN early St. Patty's Day and staying until 3/26. We're hoping we love CN as much as we do CSS- we've been there twice and once to the "windy resort". This is our first time to Negril, so we're really excited! 3 weeks from tomorrow! We can't wait.

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    Hey everyone! We'll be at CN March 10-20 for our honeymoon and can't wait!! See you all in a couple weeks! 😊

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    Rhonda/Beachwed2007 - can you email me your Pelican Bar/YS Falls info? I would like to know who your driver is, the cost and how much time it takes. Our email is Hopefully, next year we can connect with you two again!

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    Hey................hello everyone,were Kris & lauren and will be there 3/10 thur 3/18 with 2 other couples. Were all from the Milwaukee area and have been down to Jamacia 4 times. Once at CSA and once CTI. This we be our first time at CN, and really looking foward to this trip. Just got 6 inches of snow today, first decent amount of snow all year. Looking foward to meeting everyone and having lots of fun. Bob, Cathy, Jay & lisa are our traveling campanions, and fellow party animals.

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    Would love to go on the Pelican Bar trip with you but we're leaving on 3/12 and I think you're planning that for after we leave. My friend loved CN first time they had been to couples. She raved about everything, another convert.
    Sorry I didn't answer sooner but my computer crashed and I just got it back today.
    7 days to home, can't wait, plus only 4 more work days so I might make it. We're the first of the March Maniacs group to get to CN. We might leave some Red Stripe and other alcohol for the rest of you but I wouldn't bet on it.

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    Russ n Sandy on our way to CN March 3-7. We went to CSS last year (and will again after CN) but thought we'd give CN a chance too since Couples is so great! Looking forward to the catamaran trip (even better if AN), drink of the day, and meeting a lot of new friends at CN. - R&S

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    Looking forward to waking up the in 3 weeks. Will start packing this week. Can't help but thinking we are wishing the days away, can't stop counting down, 19 days to go, soon come! Ido have one ? Does anyone know if there is Splenda sweetener @ couples, I don't like the pink packets.

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    JJ - not trying to take away your secretary of year award, but I added a few things to the calendar - hope you don't mind!

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    Heather & Dusty – welcome! Looks like you’ll be on the “sad” bus with us on the 19th. It’s always the “quiet ride”…. Ugh, I don’t even want to THINK about that!!

    Jwrichte – welcome to the Maniacs!

    Mikkime – Unfortunately, we’ll miss you, but you will LOVE Couples – it’s the staff, the new friends we make and the Jamaican people that keep us coming back!

    TXPanCpl – I knew it would be trouble when Marc and JJ got back to the same resort at the same time – but I’m beginning to think you will fit right in with those two mischievous ones!! As for the Booze Cruise, seems like it would leave 3ish? And we were back for dinner 6ish? I’m sure someone can correct me if I’m wrong – it’s possible the Red Stripe fairy took my memory….

    LeeandD – welcome! Haven’t been to CSS (although we are envious of the AN side!), but we were married at COR and visited again when it became CTI. All other trips have been to CN – it is the one we like best. More beach and clear calm water. Look for all us crazy folks with green beads – we’ll probably be at the swim up bar by the time your shuttle arrives!! Holler for the March Maniacs from the balcony!! LOL

    Marissa – congrats on the upcoming wedding – we’ll see you honeymooners in paradise!

    Cindy (if I remember – you’re the one that gets on the boards! LOL) I’ve emailed you the information. Gregg is a great guy and I’ll give him the heads up that you’ll be researching. Mark is chomping at the bit for scuba…. I’m surprised he hasn’t “tried on” his wetsuit several times already!! LOL

    BUBBAZENZO (okay, I’ve got to know how you came up with that name!?!?!?) Big welcome to you and your crew! A couple of our Maniacs are staying at CSA this year – they’ll be using the Trading Places to come visit us on the 12th!

    Carol&ed – oops, sorry – didn’t even look at that! You ARE the lucky first!! Glad to hear your friend had a good time! We will see you on the 9th!

    Rands – we will miss you by a couple days – but know you’ll enjoy CN!!

    JJ – I didn’t update that calendar (if it loads before this message!) with all our new folks – how exciting – our list is HUGE!!

    12 days til we arrive in paradise!! I’ve talked Mark (like it took a lot! LOL) into once again using TimAir to get us “home” faster! We’ll probably do our usual check-in and get to room – deep breaths on the balcony, slight unpacking, refresh, then head to the swim up bar or cassava bar depending on time.


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    Wow...lots of new additions to our group! Welcome everyone...we hope to have a chance to meet you. I've added you all to the attached calendar at the bottom. Marissa, Michele, and James...let me know the names of your better halves if you want them added to the calendar.

    HeatherNikole & MarissaR...congrats on your upcoming weddings! I was married once, but I learned my lesson. Once you say "I do", just remember one thing...

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    But you picked the right place for your honeymoon with all the alcohol you want...

    Attachment 15733

    TexPanCpl...idle hands are the devil's tools, so if you want to keep the King out of trouble, just make sure that he has a drink in his hand at all times! In regards to the catamaran cruise, it runs 3 times a week in the neighborhood of 3:00 - 5:30.

    Less than 3 weeks for us! It is now snowy and cold here so we are definitely ready. The packing lists are being prepared and the pre-baking has begun!

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    Had a few RedStripe this weekend, sure tastes great, but I think the "location" is hard to stage! Inside two weeks and doing the pre-tan, and picking a few things to pack, especially for Nancy on the AN beach! Staying double the nights this year, our second to CN...picture on page 1...

    Looking for a super St Patty celebration with JJ, aka King, getting the ideas going. Be sure to say hi, we are looking forward to new friends and seeing a repeat couple we met last year. Batman and Tamara...

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    We are Marissa and Dave from Windsor, Ontario
    We were actually married in June but my husband owns a roofing company and getting away in the summer is impossible. Its a belated honeymoon and our second trip to CN, we can't wait!
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    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    We are Rich and Terri. We are being married March 2nd and will be in Jamaica March 3rd thru the 10th at CN for our honeymoon. Can't wait! 5 more days!

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    Well Marissa, since you have already been married for approximately 8 months now, you can probably relate to those pictures I included on my previous post. Just kidding. By the way, I actually had a chance to visit Windsor a few years ago. We had a great time. We golfed a round at Roseland Golf Club and enjoyed some of the nightlife there as well.

    Rhonda, I didn't see your posts prior to sending mine. Great addition to the calendar. I tweaked it and attached a current one. Are you planning on going to the repeaters dinner on the 12th? We will be there for two Mondays on the 12th and the 19th. Do you think we can still do the repeaters dinner on the 12th, our arrival date?

    Russ and Sandy, we will definitely do the cat cruise at least once. Unfortunately, you'd have to privately organize your own AN cruise, which I heard requires at least 10 couples at $235 per couple. That is, unless you can convince all those on the regular cruise to "liberate" themselves!

    Milt & Sandy, not sure if they carry Splenda. You better pack your own just to be sure. In the past, I've actually brought my own packets of Heinz ketchup. Jamaican ketchup is good but really sweet.

    Hmmmm...2 women named Sandy, and I can't stop thinking of the beach at CN. Coincidence? I think not!

    Kiddo, it sounds like you are getting some good training for the drinking competition in the Couples olympics. Just make sure that you can identify the 6 stages of drinking for the written portion of the event...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TexPanCpl View Post
    JJ thanks for the drink tips. I love a good bloody mary in the mornings to get things going and my wife loves Baileys so I'm sure she will like the rum cream and vodka slushy. Beachwed, we plan to visit that side as well.
    Marc and Courtney sounds like someone will have to watch out for the king in case he gets out of control lol. Can't wait for the trip and enjoy some sun and drinks. We for sure want to take the cat cruise, what time does it usually leave and get back to the resort?
    Did someone say Vodka Slushy? Count me in! 11 days and a wake up....

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    stevejules --
    okay, Mark and I are thinking we've met you before -- can you post a pic?!

    wow big group of arrivals on the 10... whew! and the 12th and 17th too! wow!

    sorry...we're down to 10 days and I'm feelin a little giddy yall!!

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