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    Only 70 more days till we get to paradise. Couple of questions: 1. Where is best place to to eat lobster on Saturday (believe this is lobster night). 2. Hoping to do Trading Places, is there one day better than another? 3. Shampoo, body wash and aloe are furnished correct? Thanks you for answers.
    Luvsjam (Melody)

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    Our favorite place for lobster is Patois. Now if you are lobster crazy like we are, you can eat at Patois and a bit later head to Palms for more lobster. I don't believe one day is better than another. We did a midweek last time and it was fine. All of the items you mentioned are supplied, however i would strongly suggest you take conditioner. The shampoo/conditioner combo is what they supply and really doesn't condition in my opinion. We have 48 days to go for our 7yh trip to CSA and 10th Couples trip. You will be hooked. Have a great time.

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    Lobster is similar at all restaurants at SweptAway. Garlicy and tastey. Difference might be in service and ambience.

    Not sure that Trading Places occurs more than once a week (Monday?).

    Shampoo, body wash and aloe ARE there... but they are small, though they do replenish daily. You might not like the shampoo, so bring your own or some conditioner.

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    1) Everyone has their preference, but if you want a nice dinner, book an early slot for Feathers and then you can still go to the Palms and have some more lobster there. 2) Not sure on this one, but you can only go on M/W/F and I've heard to book one of the earlier days in case the weather is bad or something. Then you have other chances to go. 3) All of those are in the room. You may want to bring conditioner.

    Have a blast! You are going to love CSA. It's the most beautiful resort I have been to.

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    Cant go wrong with anyone of them... Feather or Patois is what we prefer

    CSA ROCKS!!!
    Randi & Sherri
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