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    Default Prenatal massage at CSS?

    My husband I and just booked our January stay at CSS-- celebrating our first baby, due this spring!! I was hoping to try out the spa- have heard fabulous things about the cliff massage huts But am wondering if they offer prenatal massages? I can't seem to find anything about them on the menu. Any preggo's out there that have tried them? Can't wait to go!!

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    i've not been to CSS and I've not had a prenatal massage, but the massage therapists are all VERY, VERY qualified and know their stuff and know how to relax you. If you tell them you're pregnant, they will know how to give you a massage that is appropriate for your pregnancy. CTI spa therapists were wonderful and were able to treat my husbands severe heat burn/rash. So even though it's not on their "menu" they will know how to take care of you! Go and enjoy! I wish I could convince my husband to take my pregnant butt back but he won't go back till I can have a drink with him

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    Pulling this thread out of the archive. We'll be at CSS in a few days and were wondering the same thing. Curious if anyone has actually had/requested a prenatal massage since this was posted 2 years ago. Thanks.

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