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    Default Dinner Reservations CSA

    I know that two of the restaurants at CSA require dinner reservations. My question is when can I book them? Do you have to do it every morning for that evening or can we book our dinner reservations for the week upon check in?

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    Do it as soon as you catch your breath after you have checked in. We do it one time for the entire week. You can to go the front desk or call them from your room.

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    You can do it as soon as you check-in if you'd like. But I would suggest waiting until you check out the schedule for the week so you'll know if there is anything else you'll want to do that could impact your dinner reservations, such as the cat cruise. No worries getting a spot though. We are notorious for waiting until the morning of and have always gotten a reservation. However, if you want a specific time, instead of what's left, then book a few days in advance.
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    You cannot get more than 1 reservation anymore without using the previous one. So you cannot book 2 feathers reservations, etc.

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    Be aware that we were told on our last visit that you couldn't have more than 2 "open" reservations at any time. We tried to make reservations for Lemongrass, then Feathers, then Lemongrass all at once, and we were told we could only make a new Lemongrass booking once we'd attended the first dinner. We hadn't encountered this in our prior 2 trips, so I wanted to make sure to note it.

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    Does anyone know if the same rule applies at CSS?

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    We just go with the flow. We, like Amy, typically make our reservations for the day of. We have never had a problem.

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    Agreed, I've never had an issue with getting a specific reservation that morning either. Maybe the time is a little earlier or later, but with so many places to eat, it isn't really an issue. Besides, planning the whole week out defeats the purpose of Couples :P

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